Homeworld Remastered 2.3 Players Patch

See the ReadMe for more details on the Mission Difficulty scaling.

The original difficulty mod actually went up to 5x for testing, but I’m not sure if anyone’s beat both campaigns on 2x or 3x yet without using the retire trick. Such challenges are possible in skirmish however: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD5-I-GNong

To answer your other questions:

  1. Taiidan defense fighters shoot down missiles with their gun. They also have a small field just like a Taiidan field frigate. These fields block bullets, but not ions or missiles.
  2. Instant hit weapons are not affected by the fields, including pulsar corvettes, lance fighters, Vaygr cruiser side lasers, and Taiidan defense fighter’s laser.
  3. I think one field blocks about 75% of bullets. Some large bullets may have a better chance to penetrate fields (like Hiig Destroyer guns) but I forget.
  4. Two stacked fields block about 95% of bullets. Three stacked fields is about 99%, etc.
  5. Anything fired inside one field is not blocked. However if there are multiple fields, they can overlap and provide a stronger defense.
  6. Yes
  7. Yes
  8. See #2
  9. See #5

Hey Cloaked :slight_smile:

I had a few tests yesterday with Fear and, considering other matches I had too, here are some other things we noticed:

  1. In a fight with equal numbers of hw1 scouts vs hw2 scouts w/o EMP, hw2 scouts win.
  2. In a fight with equal numbers of hw1 ints, loose ints win against claws of 5 ints.
  3. 70 hw1 ints win against 60 Taiidan ints + 10 Taiidan defense fighters. The problem is that fighters tend to scatter while defense fighters tend to scatter even further.
  4. Taiidan defense fighters can’t stay in formation, so it’s useless to put them in claws with other ints to protect the whole formation.
  5. Taiidan defense fighters are generally unreliable: while Fear was dropping a minefield, only around half of my defense fighters shooted mines; the other half ended up targetting his MS and 1 defense fighter remained idle just next to Fear’s minelayer.

Would it be possible to have them hover way more near the ship they are protecting?

Also, is there any difference in dps between various frigates (hw1 assault, hiig torp, ion) vs resource collectors?

Any hints on a next update for the patch? :smiley:

Thanks again for your work and your time!

@echo7 - Feel free to PM me any questions, or chat on steam. When testing, generally you gotta average the results of 10+ tests to see anything meaningful. For example with #1, I just did a bunch of tests and half the time hw1 scouts win and half the time hw2 scouts win. I can chat about fighters for days, so best to go PM/chat. Taiidan defense fighters are in need of some love, they’re on the to-do list. Off memory, DPS vs resource collectors from best to worst is something like: Hiig Torps with upgrade, Hiig Torps, Assault frigates from all races, Ions/heavy missile frigates.

As far as the next update, I’ll just say its coming. :wink:


Why do torps deal the most damage while ions and hmfs the least? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Edit: same question for ints and bombers vs utility (I’m thinking at static collectors, latched onto an asteroid)

@echo7 - Relic gave some ships better accuracy and armour penetration vs utility ships than others. This was simply by design.

A new 2.3 Players Patch update, build 8, is out! The changelog for the latest release can be viewed in the change notes on Steam.

As always, here you can find the master changelog for 2.3. Please keep in mind that 2.205 changes are already integrated into 2.3.

Big shout-out to @Cloaked , Fear, @sastrei and the whole modding team and beta testers. Cheers guys :slight_smile:


Another update is out for Steam and GOG, change notes are here.


Just tried the patch on Steam. Found a couple of issues with it:

Resource collectors got stuck a couple times in the mission 2 asteroids.

The game seems to have difficultiies on applying formation groups. For example, when applying an X formation to 15, they would divide in a 7 and 8 X “unit-groups”, in the patched version they dont tend to form those unit-groups, instead they create a big X with all the 15 ships (is this intended?), this behavior seems to change when units are lost as the UI did state a X unit-group once one of those fighters was destroyed.

@Ansark - Ya, resource collectors have been getting stuck on asteroids in this game engine forever. :slight_smile: We’ve improved the asteroid spacing in some maps over v2.1, but really its a game engine problem (you could call them drunk pilots!).

Each ship/formation type has a maximum number of ships that can be included, before the formation splits into multiple smaller formations. Some ship/formation types have a maximum of 15, while others have a maximum of 10, etc. There’s a few variables involved, but this logic hasn’t changed since the 2.0 patch.


Might be worth to enhance the limits slightly for any potential upcoming community patch.

As for the harvesters might be a good fix too to place the Asteroids slighty further away of one another in any upcoming patch.

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I tried the start of mission 2 twice again (one with the patch and another without it) and I must say you were right. The fighters thing was related to the number of fighter, I had 15, with 16 they behave exactly like in the “oficial version” (except for the 666 bug of course).

As for the Harvester, I might have been lucky, but can’t remember having any problems with them in the two runs I did on the HW 1 campaign. In my new tests, they didn’t get stuck in neither of the versions, so as I said, just pure luck. Although, I did noticed that both times they got blocked, they had the storage full and were trying to unload in the mothership, so, the fact that they now store way less cargo (coming from an original campaign playthrough, I must say I miss the 650 RU capacity) might make the Harvester bug more likely to happen.

PD: I hope they fix this on a potential new space based Homeworld.


In any case it might be wise for you to incorporate the fixes of made community patch into your Cataclysm mod for sure…

What cataclysm mod? If it’s the Cataclysm Remastered mod, then that’s not needed. Yellow13 has given me permission to take over the project.

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One year in the making, we’ve just released our latest patch update with many new features, bug/exploit fixes, and balance refinements!! Huge thanks to Fear and QuadS for all the work they’ve put into HWR, and Lif for his UI work. Change notes are here.


I have a stupid question about the #666 bug.

Could this be the possible reason why Your Units, and AI Units “freeze in place”, refuse orders, and become sitting ducks for no reason at all?

If so. Then is there a stand alone mod/patch that specifically deals with this issue?

There are multiple bugs that can cause units to freeze/refuse orders, many related to docking. See the Cross Race Docking Bug, Docking Under Attack Glitch, and Docking Lock bugs in the HWR Bugs & Solutions thread.

The initial release of the Players Patch was created specifically to fix the 666 Formation Targeting Bug, and also included Gearbox’s 2.205 Patch Preview. The current release (build 10), includes all known bug fixes. Your welcome to use any of these bug fixes in your Star Trek Continuum mod! :slight_smile:


Good work with the patch cloaked.


Thank you for the invitation! I’ve rolled a few things in, most of it was seamless :grin:

I’d like to reiterate Leviathan’s Wrath’s sentiment here too, nice work to you and all involved! Some of the solutions required were quite subtle


Trying out the new patch, not sure if I’m running it correctly, I still see my scouts breaking formation in SP first mission. Also why are Kushan scouts and interceptors both 100 RU’s? Or am I running the wrong version?

Also if you guys need any dev support, let me know, love to help out

@merlin_692 - After you put your fighters into a formation be sure to leave them in aggressive stance to hold formation (you can use neutral stance too as of build 11). Evasive stance splits them up. Build 10 was rushed out a bit right after the Homeworld 3 announcement in August, however scout costs have now been corrected in build 11. We would love the help! I’ve sent you a PM.

Update: Build 11 is now live on Steam and GOG! Shout out to Fear, Stuart, Gunnerth, and radar for their contributions. Also thanks to RoBeY and Tyguy for helping with the change list.

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