Homeworld Remastered 2 Mission 6 Bug

Started off the game and this happened right as the ships warped in. Restarted the mission and rebooted the game but it persists. Have no idea as to why this happened or what to do.

I think you should ask @Cloaked, @Dom2 or any other Modder to find out what you have done. They have fixed bugs like this in the past. They should be the people you should ask about it.

@Wylenn I know why is because you mothership speed is set to -25, when it should be 0 at that point. I don’t how you did that but still. Also I think you set your fighters and corvettes into guard formation around the mothership.

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How did you work that out?

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Just by watching the video very carefully and noticing that the speed was incorrect speciality for that mission! .

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Good catch - and good eyes!

I honestly don’t know what I did to even cause this thing to happen. I rebooted the game and went back to mission 5 and redid the mission to see if the progress would fix the bug but that didn’t work either.