Homeworld Remastered 4K Cinematics Trailer

New trailer is out now that features two remastered in-game cinematics from Homeworld Remastered!

Be sure to adjust your quality settings using the gear icon to take advantage of resolutions up to 4K!


Exciting! After some bad experiences I always get nervous when someone goes back to remaster music that’s deeply ingrained in my memory, and assuming the audio in this trailer is final pass it has put a lot of those fears to rest for me.

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Well it is nice that you fixed the Ambassador ship’s guns, but the Kadeshi mothership can now be seen disappearing (so it won’t be seen behind the meetup). It completely blinks out before the camera re-focuses on the meetup scene and it is very noticeable.

This seems like the final version so I got a little worried now. I realize we are on the final stretch here and the game is nearing gold but is it possible to fix that? We would really appreciate it.

This looks awesome. I love the woosh noises as the camera passes the turanic raider ships!

THE HYPE IS REAL! im so ready for this <3

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Kadesh’s lines are started too quickly after one ends?

FYI guys - there’s no ‘final’ until you all experience it, eh? :smile:


Just think of us as Voluntary QA :wink:

Completely agree. It lacks the tension and authority.
I’m sure the editing/speaking will be fixed, full confidence in Gearbox here. Just can’t wait!

That’s good to know.

I watched it twice and I think I messed up my pants a little with all the excitement … how many more days I am already having trouble sleeping.