Homeworld Remastered and Virtual Reality

(Nilok) #1

With the release of Homeworld Remastered fast approaching, have the developers had any chance to experiment with the Oculus Rift and virtual reality?

While I doubt we will have Oculus Rift support for Homeworld Remastered, the idea of being able to have the ships fly around me as I give orders in 3D is an exciting proposition and how I imagine Karan S’jet views the world from the Mothership as Fleet Command.

I would ask that you consider looking into support for the Oculus Rift and either post release support for Homeworld Remastered, or support for the next game in the Homeworld series.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for bringing back this great series, I’m looking forward to playing the Remastered version.

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Homeworld Remastered in VR - Oculus CV1 and HTC Vive
Track IR and/or Nvidia 3D Vision for Homeworld Remastered?
(JAViL15) #2

While this might be a very far fetched idea for homeworld remastered, give “Enemy Starfighter” a look, it’s a homeworld style space sim currently in development, looks like a blast

(BitVenom) #3

Getting some sort of Rift ‘mode’ is a pet project of mine. I wouldn’t suggest it’ll be playable or you’ll see it anytime soon, at all - but I REALLY want this to happen. It isn’t that hard, the engine is setup for it to some degree now, I just need time and access to a DK. For the next few months I’ll be focused elsewhere - but in my personal time, after that, I’ll probably give it some sort of attempt. It could end rocking so hard I get told to actually do it - but there’s been zero mention or talk of it. We have to ship first :wink:

Track IR and/or Nvidia 3D Vision for Homeworld Remastered?

Very cool idea indeed. However the people able to afford it when it does come will be minimal kinda like when large flat screens hit the market everyone wanted one only one or two had one. I’m happy just to get into my banana and beat up Kadeshi again. But very cool idea.

(Nilok) #5

From my experience, TNG-Engineering, Titans of Space, and Vox Machinae are some really good demos to get people into VR.

One thing that is fairly consistent on some of the faster moving demos I’ve played is that they have some sort of cockpit or HUD that keeps its orientation and always points ‘forwards’. This gives you a frame of reference and helps reduce motion sickness.

(Concordion2k) #6

Enemy star fighter is a ton of fun to play. I met the developer at PAX East last year and had a chance to give the game a spin, with Oculus VR as part of the experience.

It was highly enjoyable.

(JAViL15) #7


I myself haven’t touched the game yet, and I can’t wait.

(Scarbgunner) #8

wait till we get the obligatory Homeworld MMO then we can do Virtual Reality <3


I see your stalking Mr. C, how are you my friend, as for any playing time from my end will have to wait, I did DL Stream to my cell just in case LOL. Once the semester is over I’m looking forward to some action, alas, , so where are the clan pages already?

(Teslatic) #10

I think Homeworld would benefit most by the 3D (which I can say is very good in an Oculus Rift Crescent Bay). Especially for the zoomed-out command view, it’s sometimes VERY hard to tell where things are in 3D space without a lot of manual rotation. A good 3D display should at least help with this.

Even in Crescent Bay, however, clarity is a bit of an issue. Small text would be difficult to read. I’m hoping that the final release version has these issues sorted out.

I’m not quite sure how head tracking would work. I think this would be the hardest part to figure out, and would probably require the most changes.

(Mlr321) #11

too bad that game has graphics from the original homeworld

(Nilok) #12

To be honest, graphics don’t matter in virtual reality, Valve has done tests and found a bunch of boxes attached to tracking points on a human body and you can only see it as a person when they move.

Another test they did is having a person stand on the edge of a cliff with textures made in MS-Paint and people were afraid to step off, even though they knew it was not real.

(Mlr321) #13

it matters if you are about art and aesthetics. but if you just want to have some trump l’oeil moments looking at some polygons with flat single color textures, that’s cool.

maybe my opinion is colored by the fact that i don’t care about virtual reality and don’t plan to purchase anything related to it. just a fad. i game for my own reasons, not what salespeople think i should.

(Nilok) #14

I have to disagree even more then.
If you are into art and aesthetics, it is the pinnacle of foolishness to simply disregard older pieces of art simply because they were made with more limited tools. Simpler, more blocky, or stylized artwork isn’t worse than bleeding edge, computer melting, realistic graphics, in fact it can be better, even without virtual reality. Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft are testament to that, and both still look amazing in virtual reality, as does Half-Life 2.

Not many people saw the potential of movies or computers when they were fledgling and simply called them ‘fads’, but it was there regardless. I have used virtual reality with the Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 and have experienced ‘presence’ first hand. I have felt like I was standing on the engineering deck of the Enterprise D and was shocked when I tried to point at something, only to find I didn’t have an arm. This is from technology only after two years of development and will be seeing the third year’s fruit hopefully at GDC 2015 soon.

I could give less what a ‘salesperson’ says, but to actually be able to walk around in a virtual space, to reach out and touch and work inside a virtual world has been the dream of computers for almost 30 years. It is as much a ‘fad’ as your computer is. I can run a dozen virtual monitors in VR while you are limited to a few, or even have my desk in orbit of an alien world while I work.

If you ever get the chance, actually try the Oculus Rift DK2 or later using some of the demos I recommended before your assume you know it. Words cannot describe the experience, like words cannot describe the color red to a blind man.

(Teslatic) #15

The ancient debate over “do graphics matter over gameplay” doesn’t translate very well into VR. The priority with VR is 1. Latency 2. Framerate (and a distant third) 3. Graphical fidelity.

The real problem with integrating VR into Homeworld is that the engine and UI weren’t designed for this. Many parts of the interface would need to change. You need a frame of reference for VR to work effectively. This is why flight/space/racing sims are ideal: you have a cockpit around you. This not only is imperative to making you feel immersed in the world, but also to keep you from getting sick.

I’ve tried countless Oculus demos, including on the latest Crescent Bay prototype. None of them were “RTS”, unfortunately. And most are still “rides”, where your only input is with your head movements.

A hypothetical “Homeworld 3”, with many VR “hooks” and deliberate modifications to the UI is our best bet. A new “VR input” interface would be ideal- some sort of glove system, where you can reach out, select units, and direct them around in 3D space. Significantly better than a mouse on a 2D plane coupled with keyboard input. With the new camera tracking on the CB, I could totally see this being feasible.

As always, the hard part would be the code.

(Nomihiking) #17

2 years later and still no Homeworld for VR in sight, I found this potential painkiller, a minimal space RTS for VR, coming up on Steam: ‘void LINK’ . Done by some frustrated Indie, I guess …

(Manav) #18

Tried the search function and was surprised there is isn’t much on the way of VR discussion. Homeworld is game that would translate well into VR.

@BitVenom - Any chance this is in the pipeline? :wink:

Can you imagine with touch controls all of sudden you are in Ender’s Game!

It would be a crime not to talk about this in more lengths…

(Nathanius) #19

According to the Dev tracker @BitVenom’s last post was 14/07/16 and he’s not touched the Forum at all since 19/07/16

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(Stemitchell) #20

This would just be wonderful. I think VR really adds to tactical games. I love Defense Grid, Airmech…this could be even better, what with its setting.

The issues would be around how to control stuff…maybe Touch would be the better control scheme? I’m not sure a controller would work as well. Definitely exiting thinking about it though!

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