Homeworld Remastered classes of ships as the original HW1?

(Pandorazero) #1

I have a question to the developers, the classes of ships remain in original HW1 ?
If the developers will cut some of the classes of ships HW1 it will not Homeworld Remastered.

Will there be these classes?



(JAViL15) #2

it’s a remaster, not a revision.

I can say with confidence that none of the main ships will be removed (as for joke ships like that space pirate ship thing I’m not sure).

(Pandorazero) #3

I also hope so )

(himself deleted) #4

Totally agree. I think this applies not only to certain ships, but also details of classic gameplay.

(Stuart98) #5

The only ship that I’m worried about being scrapped from the remaster is the Light Defender as I see some serious potential in that unit and it’d be a shame for it to not receive a remaster.

Every buildable unit or campaign unit will be there I’m sure.

(JAViL15) #6

The singleplayer shouldn’t be touched, multiplayer might be different, for balancing HW1 vs HW2 reasons. None of us know how they are balancing that yet

(Pandorazero) #7

We hope that the company will not affect the classes of ships and leave as is !
I would not want to lose interesting points such as the generator of the gravitational field.