Homeworld Remastered Collection Hands-on Previews

Hands on previews are starting to roll in! We’ll keep this thread updated with all of the latest previews from your favorite outlets:

  • Incgamers.com - “…brilliant by today’s standards.”
  • Rockpapershotgun.com - “Gearbox’s line when talking about this – including in an interview which we’ll run here soon – is that they wanted Homeworld Remastered to look like we all remember Homeworld feeling at the time. To be honest, I think it may have exceeded that.”
  • Godisageek.com - “Simply put it looks fantastic.”
  • Lazygamer.net - “…brilliant by today’s standards.”
  • GameSpot Live Gameplay video
  • Gamestar.de

Oh man…

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GodisaGeek is the best article of them (for me).

Hey @Jeffybug you could have put this on Lazygamer: “Unicorns-defecating-rainbows-while-high-fiving-flying-fire-tigers gorgeous.” ahahahaha, very funny …

Here’s another one I enjoyed:

27 minute long gameplay video (mission 4 of the campaign) in German language. And the guy doing the gameplay is actually okay at the game too!

If you can’t speak German, don’t worry, the gameplay speaks for itself and will probably answer your questions. They’re also basically only saying good things.

The new cinematic art looks amazing for that intro cutscene, by the way.

Gamespot posted a gameplay too. It also shows the Launcher, with access to both HW Remastered and Classic, near the middle of the video.

PD: They wanted to show Mission 1 cutscene, but they have a restriction about it. CAN’T WAIT TILL 25TH.

Don’t watch it, they were playing like total noobs… I remember beat that mission easily being ten years old. They didn’t make it even till Bentusi. All gameplay they were fighting vs camera control…


Lol imagine what they’ll do in mission 7 with the protectors of the garden: wasted!

Seriously Homeworld can be unforgiving to newbies and seem impossible at times… but then you play it again and again until it gets simple yet still enjoyable.
Definitely skill based gameplay, fixed difficulty (beside a few more enemies) and really awarding if you can master it!

First gameplay I’ve watched of it and dang, one of the very few ‘remasters’ ‘hd’ whatever you call it games that you can see the effort put into it.
Looks really good.

Homeworld: Remastered. Battle of the 3D camera control edition

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