HOMEWORLD Remastered Collection Patch #2 is now live

The second update for Homeworld Remastered Collection rolled out just minutes ago! Details on this update can be found at the link below:

For help and support with Homeworld Remastered Collection or SHiFT, visit support.gearboxsoftware.com

Additional fixes not listed in patch notes:

  • Fixed getting stuck trying to skip NISs during fade to black
  • Turned off auto update for lobby screen. (Need to click refresh to get an updated list).
  • Dust clouds updated with new improved graphics in HW1 Mission 10. Should be easier to understand safe areas.
  • Kushan mothership badge fixed.
  • Kushan mothership bridge glows are properly glowing.
  • Many many crash fixes.
  • Fixed objectives being unavailable when loading an autosave.
  • Friend invites should be a bit more smooth
  • Vaygr Corvettes are now included in list of ships affected by gravwell.
  • Salvage no longer dies out when being transported back to ship.
  • Textbox input text no longer flows outside of text box.
  • Clicking portion of text in a textbox now correctly places the cursor
  • Badges can now be pulled from bin:badges. Helps with issues with Steam saving unwanted badges in your profile to the cloud.
  • HW1 Classic modders: /ignorebigfiles and /logfileloads parameters added to help with HW1 classic mods.

Thank you for the HW love! :slight_smile:
Happy to see love for UI scaling. Hopefully this includes changes to the selected ship(s) viewer in the lefth and corner.

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Hmm no mention of a fix for keybinds so they save properly. :frowning:

How do you enable borderless window? It doesn’t show up on the ingame settings, and -windowed still gives a regular bordered window…


i second this question.


‘HUD can be universally scaled through the in-game options menu with a scrollbar’

Best patch 2k15!


Amazed by the amount of fixes in this patch, well done. While there are certainly many major problems which have yet to be addressed, you guys went a long way to make the game feel more polished and complete (something I greatly appreciate). Nice Work, keep it coming!


Keep the Updates Rolling out! Love that your actually going through an fixing bugs. :smiley: Now if we could get the formations. tactics and AI in HW1:R fixed and were be just about set :stuck_out_tongue:.


I third this question. No obvious way to do this, and I have been waiting for this option.

Awesome patch! Thanks!

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Dunno if its just me but the mouse seems slower to me like more smooth but slower like mouse smoothing was turned on where as before it was nice and nippy iirc.

Also i still have trouble as in cant do it, with the mission 11 i think it is where you save the bentusi. I send all my forces at the attacking ships, which is 1 hc, about 10 frigates and a few destroyers attacking the bentusi. No matter what i do the mission ends as he is destroyed. I cant exactly sent my fleet any faster at the attacking ships and i would win vs them all if only i had more time.

The bentusi needs more hp so it doesnt die so quick imo that or fewer ships. I think its cos of the auto scaling system of hw2 causing it as i do have a pretty strong fleet when i start that mission. In the original it didnt scale so was always doable.

Ummmm… no edits to anything in that area that I know of. So ‘just you’? :wink:

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Greatly appreciated ! :slight_smile: but I thought the patch was planned for mid of next week ? (according to Jeffybug)

Sounds like it was out early.

No complaint here :wink: was just suprised to see an update a week early :smiley:

Oh and borderless windows doesnt work, when i switched to borderless the screen moved halfway down the screen and had a border. So thats broke straight off.

Switched to borderless where? There is no borderless option.

What can I say? These guys have been busting it to get the update ready! :smile:


Well i thought windowed mode was borderless mode now. It wasnt.

Borderless windows is a debug thing I added for modders. Totally unsupported for the masses. Will update the patch notes to make sure that is clear.


Burleson that is quite strange. I use borderless window in almost all games because i get better fps and no tearing comapred to fullscreen with vsync on.

Why limit it for modders that is just insane of a idea and should be a genuine option for the game in options screen.