Homeworld: Remastered Collection Release and Beta Clarifications

Hey everyone,

In the wake of all the HUGE Homeworld events that took place at PAX South, we thought it would be good to update you all on a few things that we know you’ve been asking about:

-Release dates for Homeworld: Remastered Collection and the Collectors Edition have been updated on Amazon both in the U.S. and Internationally. We were very excited this past weekend to announce that Homeworld: Remastered Collection will be released on Wednesday, February 25th worldwide!

-Also, we recently sent out emails to those of you who attended Community Day 2013 letting you know that you’ll be receiving the code for your free download of Homeworld: Remastered Collection when it launches on Wednesday, February 25th. If you subscribed to the Gearbox Twitch page (for Community Day 2013), we’re currently compiling the data necessary to get more details/codes blasted out to you guys, so please stay tuned for that.

-And finally, as many of you know, by purchasing Homeworld Remastered Collection, you’ll also receive free access to the Homeworld Remastered Steam Multiplayer Beta which begins February 25th. The competitive multiplayer modes for both Homeworld and Homeworld 2 have been combined into one centralized mode that will allow you access to all content (races, maps and game modes) and all improvements, features and technology from both games, allowing you to play unlimited competitive multiplayer space battles on an epic scale.

The team here has been hard at work playtesting and balancing all the specific nuances of the Homeworld: Remastered Collection multiplayer experience. While the idea of combining two separate multiplayer instances together is both innovative and exciting, it’s also quite a challenge. This is an all-new agglomeration that combines bits of code that are 15 years old with bits of code that were written last week. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to remember that this is a beta for a product that is currently still in development. We’re working hard to improve things and we want your help! The Homeworld community is legendary for it’s passion for the franchise even after all these years. Who better to help us return Homeworld to the top of the heap than the people who have kept it alive all these years? In addition to the actual design considerations, the original Homeworld used Gamespy matchmaking, so a lot of work has been done in regards to getting the new net code just right as well.

To report any issues, please contact us at: http://gearboxsoftware.com/support

To discuss tactics with fellow players, please visit: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com

Thank you all in advance for you help and feedback as well as for your support! See you in the stars!

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How exactly will the multiplayer function? It sounds like one can choose all races, but since Homeworld and Homeworld 2 differed by a great deal in multiplayer, how are they being ‘meshed’ together? Or do you select your game, then the race? Clarification would be awesome!

Clarification was posted on the old forums so i shall summarize. there is going to be a drop down slier with at least 3 modes. Hw1 classic, HW2 classic, and Remastered brawl. only the brawl will have all 4 selectable for use in the same map.