Homeworld Remastered Collection Teaser Trailer w/ Remastered Audio

Wanted to share another version of last week’s teaser trailer that features a remastered track from the classic version of the game! Anyone recognize it? :smile:


Wow, the sound quality is top notch! Yay Paul Ruskay!

Sounds like “Keepers of Sajuuk” from Homeworld 2.

We really wanted this to be the first official trailer… but that wasn’t possible for various reasons. I was a bit down that our ‘unveiling’ was done with music from Creative Commons (and that is NOT a dig at CC or the track used…) - just that we were able to show the entire team’s work - except Paul’s most excellent score.

Now, with this version, I think we’ve covered all of the bases. Everyone worked very hard - and Paul is already respected and even revered for his work on the franchise. But for HW:RM, he’s gone above and beyond in many ways that may never be repaid.


The first trailer with the ‘original’ score had a very fitting melody for the imagery, especially the forward pan through the HW2 fleet battle just before the the title shot.

This new track is amazing too, but the first had much more emotional impact. At least, for me.

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This looks awesome. Cant wait until my CE arrives early March.

I agree that the original music was better. Who was actually responsible for the music for the first version anyhow? Whoever it is seems to have a very good idea of what Homeworld music should sound like. I’d love to hear more of their working going forward if more Homeworld games are made in the future. The song selection on this version is pretty good too, so don’t get me wrong. Both imo have a emotion impact, especially for those long time vets of us, that remember the emotion aspect of the Homeworld series.

Like @BitVenom says, the music in the first trailer is from the creative commons. So free to use and not composed for Homeworld.

Shazam can only identify an audiobook that uses it as a background track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii9P7LQhiRs

It does sound very Homeworldy though. I guess that’s why they went with it :stuck_out_tongue: