Homeworld Remastered / DoK Discord Server

There’s one for DoK. Was wondering if GBX would make one for HW:R.

To me it’d make more sense to have HWR and DOK share a server and just have multiple rooms.

Perhaps we should reshuffle the existing DoK one?

Here’s the official link to the Homeworld universe discord server:

Sorry I found one of the admins of the DoK server to be disagreeable. No interest in private nerd kingdoms. I’m sure DoK will have its own lobby.

Aw that’s too bad. Personally, i couldn’t care less about who the admin is. I’m just glad there’s one chat place for HW fans to gather and talk about the game. plus, there are some BBI devs in there and it’s cool to have that level of interaction with them.

Besides, if someone is being a dick, one can always, you know, ignore them. =]

Admins and mods who are dicks are always a problem. I do like Discord however.

HWR has a lobby now and so will Deserts of Kharak. So it’s not like there are not already official places to chat.

This is apparently a common issue with the HW Universe server.
Many MANY people have had issues with some of the mods and admins having massive power-trip temper tantrums every 2 seconds.
You, myself. this guy https://www.speedrun.com/hwdok/thread/6vxzj and who knows how many else just to name a few, are fed up with them and dont feel comfortable where “fun” is essentially forbidden.

But fear not, for i have a new server for you & anyone else who would like to get some games in, and just have a good time.

Almost anything is ok on this server, as long as its not deliberately annoying other users.
The general rule on this server is: https://discordapp.com/guidelines
It may be difficult to follow them, but once other users make it noticeable that they are annoyed, its time to rethink your behavior and back off abit.
If further action is needed, we will try to resolve any issue that negatively influences other users.

Everyone who wants to play homeworld games is welcome on Our new server.
You don’t have to pick one server or the other, feel free to join 1 or both if you want, were not going to sit here and dictate who you ‘can and cant’ hangout with.

(even the other servers admins are welcome to join if they want, they just wont be given any kinda leadership roles for obvious reasons) #no hard feelings.

I would rather not ignite a flame war, but I feel it would be wrong to not present the other side, so I’ll just put it like this. Having witnessed the issue that led to the above post from the sidelines, I would rather hang out on a server where the mods will stand up for their standard and actually moderate than one where anything goes.

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if you’re gonna advertise your server, you need to highlight whats great about it without bad mouthing the other one, its just bad practice when trying to compete, if you are seriously trying to be the better guy stop letting Sajuuk’s actions have any more affect on your advertisements. If you want a less pg server fine, advertise that.

this is getting old.

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