Homeworld Remastered Fan-Art Contest

I think this would be a good way to help bring more hype and more people to the homeworld franchise

1.Only one entry per contestant
2.Steam Account must be provided and be older than 1 month (to avoid spammers)
3.Any Work is allowed as long as it is drawn (that means no 3D art just because i feel that might be unfair)

1.There will be 3 winners
2.ETA on keys 2/27/15
3.If you already have pre-ordered you can still enter and i can give key to you so you can give away to a friend
4. This is in no way sponsored by Gearbox and if ask to take down this post i will
5. The deciding winners will be by me (im afraid people might make scam accounts if i do it by likes)
6. Contest ends on 2/26/15 23:59 EST



Do we just post here in the forum as a reply?

also no 3D art, how far does that go? I have a tablet I can draw digitally on, but are you saying you want it in literal pencil or just no 3D modelling software?

yup just post here on the forum or if you want to another page go ahead,
also thank you for bring up this point i mean no 3D Modelling software, if you do it via tablet or pencil that is fine

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it seems only one person has really been interested in this which is a shame but contest is still runing

I’m not much of an art guy, but +1 for your efforts. :sunglasses:

I did initially show interest, but I no longer have a need for a free homeworld key (managed to convince the stubborn friend to buy it :smile: ) and thought it best leave it to someone who needed it more.

I do hope this thread gets attention though, I’d love to see some homeworld art around the place!

Im not good with ships in pencils but i gave it a go for the fun, based it on a art of the ion beam frigate.

Ion beam drawing


awesome work <3 it didnt have to be with pencil thou you could have done it on tablet, i just didnt want people to use 3d making software

i know its not much but hey .3. its better than nothing i need more practice

Made a garden of kadesh.

remastered sound


XD oh lordy my ribs

Sounds like fun, I don’t have a tablet to hand so good old ink to paper, scanned in with some abstract colour applied in Paint Shop pro with a trusty mouse :wink:


dude great work! im glad to see it <3

looks like a midget mothership

could you do any better? -3-

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yes, easily. i mean look at imgur. fine art isn’t that hard. for some reason people think it takes talent or genius or something

:confused: well not all of us are that great at it

Two of my favorite ships, =)

Pencil, pen, and watercolors.


True, but as long as people get what they need from knocking others then that’s fine, I enjoyed drawing something for the first time in years, no so keen on posting it but hey, whats the worst that can happen. :slight_smile:

Happy to be drawing again.
Not quite true to their in game appearance but ehhh. Its a carrier a few heavy defenders and an odd multigun corvette.