Homeworld Remastered Fan-Art Contest

I collored it :wink:

My precious garden

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here is my kontest entery


please no more submissions as i only said one per person

might as well toss my hat in.

Happy with all of the work that has been posted and i think you all did awesome this is going to be a tuffy deciding which is a winner and im so sad i cant give away more keys but im not very well off so 3 keys is the most i can afford

@Rei_Ayanami Please chose which of your submissions to judge

wen wil we get to know hwo has won ?? ^^

Soon™ let me just get home

Honestly a tough choice since so much good stuff and i honestly wish i could give you all keys… but the winners are
And @Rei_Ayanami

Feel free to send me your steam info at your leasuire

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Congrats yall

i loved your work dude i really wish i didnt have to decide :<