Homeworld Remastered Frequently Asked Questions

Since I am tired of putting out hundreds of fires piece meal
I have decided to consolidate things.


Where is Cataclysm!!!

a. The Big problem arises from the Barking Dog sale. At some stage
during the folding and mergers between BD, Rockstar Vancouver and
Rockstar propper the source code to HW:C was lost. How it was lost is
uncertain. Either mechanical failure of the drives without back ups,
drivers were lost, or wiped are all possible. My instinct tells me they
were wiped. HDD space was a big premium back in 2000, especially for
small companies and the mergers wouldn’t help matters. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/139695-Gearbox-Homeworld-Cataclysm-Re-Release-Comes-Down-to-Finding-the-Source-Code
What the Hell is this Combined Multiplayer! I
only want to play Classic version of X!

Cool down. As seen from this screenshot of the
PAX footage:


Under options we have a game mode selector. This
is going to give us at a minimum 3 options: Homeworld 1Classic Rule Set, Homeworld
2, Classic Rule Set, Homeworld Remastered Brawl Rule set. This brawl rule set
is the one that will have battles between all 4 races. Meanwhile no matter the
mode we share a lobby together, hugs anyone? Confirmed by Dev Here: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showpost.php?p=5192460&postcount=27

Will the preserved versions have Multiplayer

Unknown at this time but I would speculate the
old LAN code to still be active

Amazon is showing a Ship Date in 2016 for my Collector’s
Edition! WHYYYYY!!!

Amazon is still updating their systems. Amazon
policy is if you use prime 2 or 2 day and above you will get it on release day.
Any slower shipping speeds and it is a gamble on that but should be no more
than a week delay. If you want it for release day You have plenty of time to
upgrade your shipping option. Also Amazon does not charge money on preorders
until they are shipped.

What about mod tools?

GBX is Very Enthusiastic about mod Support
however mod tools will not be available on release because the tools are not

Where can I see gameplay footage?

IGN seems to got exclusivity over the PAX South
game demo here:


IGN Also has footage of the entire panel here:


I want to order the Collector’s Edition but I live
in country X!

At the time of writing the only place with any
CE stock left is Amazon.co.uk. in there, there is USK and PEGI versions that
can be shipped outside the United Kingdom.

Can you please make more CEs?

GBX has repeatedly said that they are a one off
and grossly underestimated demand. Oh well. Considering it took the US version
6 months to sell out I think the amount they made was a good call.

Is there a difference between the CE artbook and
the Hardcover one announced at PAX South?

a. Updated: 1/28/2015 CE is a small paper back novel type format. Hardcover one abot the size of a coffee table book


The Voices Sound Different what’s up with that?

GBX has gotten the original cast to rerecord
their lines as the original masters were not up to snuff. However there are two
known exception and the first is the late Campbell Lane who voiced the
Bentusi/Narrator. May he Rest in Peace. The second is the person who voiced
Karen in HW2 is not returning but Heidi from HW 1 is.

Who is handling the voice and audio remasters?

Who else but Paul Ruskay?

Are Homeworld 1 Fighters going to be Squadrons?
I do not want squadrons in my HW 1 game!

No official statement yet but the IGN footage of
Kadesh indicate strongly that in singleplayer at the least hw 1 strike craft do
not use squadrons.

Are there physical CDs.

No everything is to be redeemed via Steam Code

  1. Will there be Fuel?
    a. Ambiguous at this time

  2. I have all these mods from the old days. Will they Still work
    Most likely not with the remastered copies. The mod creators or you will
    need to update the mods to be compatible. As for the classic versions
    it may be hit and miss since they are getting bug updates and balance

b. Additional Dev Comment:
"However, Legacy Mod support is not going to happen ‘as-is’. If you just throw an old Mod at HW:RM - it’ll probably fail to run. The assets and format have changed, how materials/textures/shaders work has changed - and units/logic have been given love too. That said, almost anyone that did Mods will find the changes quick to adjust - and I am probably going to write a HW1/2->HW:RM asset updater. Though, the ‘old’ assets lack the needed textures (normals, reflection, gloss maps, etc) - so old stuff updated will look pretty flat without love. "

  1. I saw the HW1 resource collector latching NOOOOO. I want my PDA’s.
    while PDAs will have a place in our hearts GBX couldn’t get them to
    work in the hw2.5 engine without breaking resourcing completely. thus
    they decided to make sure you had a working resourcing system

  2. Will “Homeworld” by Yes still be in the end credits?
    a. Unknown at this time. GBX is really hard to get a comment out on possible licensing issues.

  3. I saw Lotion Blur and DoF effects can they be turned off?
    a. Yes! there appears to be an exhaustive video options menu:
    Please see pax gameplay capture for options menu

  4. will resources auto harvest at end of mission.
    a. largely unknown right now. however the pax panel showed some time compression. this may be dev use only though.

20.Why can’t I play the classics now?! they were done 15 years ago!?
a. No they are not done and classic does not mean verbatim original. the classics had a host of bugs, balance and compatibility problems. this has resulted a revisit on their source code and game files. thus it needs to go through QA again. This is a not a straight ISO rip of the original cds. What is being shipped is Homeworld 1 version 1.6 and HW2 1.2. Second answer is they are being sold as a bundle and you can not unlock 1 part of the bundle without unlocking the whole thing

If I have missed anything let me know.


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Oh steam too? I have just registered there lol, all for Homeworld! I’ll find you there then.

The Homeworld steam community is so toxic, just full of people disparaging the game for being a remake. I only pay attention to this forum now-a-days.

They’re trolls. There are plenty of people there happy to see it, and I’m one of them. I’m ecstatic. I just wish we weren’t being teased with so many screenshots with a month to go…

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steam forums themselves are toxic cesspools and if given the option when i publish a game there i would disable it. However it seems my FAQ has stopped most of the bitching

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Article 9 has been updated

SPUF is where it’s at… SPUD on the other hand… blegh.

But was just browsing through these forums and found this thread so I had to read it. And a good read it was :wink:

“Will the first game still feature the song Homeworld (The Ladder) performed by YES? in the end credits?”

Will the game have the auto harvest of homeworld 2 or the time compression of cataclysm?

Update made

updated article 1

Will there be dynamic music in skirmish and mp?

Battle music when ships engage in battle and ambient music when there is no battle.

Was there before? This is a remaster, not a reinvention.

I don’t remember being able to fight against HW 2 races with HW 1 races. Isn’t that a reinventation then?

In fact I think having dynamic music in mp and skirmish is closer to a remaster then mixing races together in multiplayer.

The reason I asked the question is because I think the soundtrack of the Homeworld series is amazing and I think that it should be enjoyed more then in just a single mission.

If dynamic music is in the remaster that would be great. If it isn’t I can always select the songs with a music player, like I used to do… no problem. :wink:

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Yes, but not a particularly difficult change, cause HW1 and HW2 are now on the same engine, so it’s basically just registering them as a Race that’s playable in Multiplayer.

Overhauling the audio engine so that the music is dynamic versus static, if it wasn’t already that way… I think unlikely.

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The one thing I missed in HW2 MP was the ability to change the music with the < > keys like in HW1. I’m going to assume that music switching won’t be in there…

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Maybe even have HW1 music in the playlist.

added article 20

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