Homeworld Remastered is the number 1 seller on steam

Congrats to Gearbox and Black Bird Interactive!

Homeworld 3 confirmed.


Cool. Now theres no excuse for not doing hw3 or a from the ground up remaster of cata. :slight_smile:


Wow, I’m really surprised. Last time I checked it was #11, which still is a high position.

Congrats to GBX and all the people involved, I hope the game lives up to it!

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New internet meme! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice!!! Grats guys, well deserved i must say.

Can be diff for other regions like USA etc but for UK, the amazon coll edition stats for one of them were.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 396 in PC & Video Games (See Top 100 in PC & Video Games)
#1 in PC & Video Games > Games > Strategy > Sci-Fi
#3 in PC & Video Games > PC & Macintosh > Games > Strategy

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Listed on Steam’s US page as #1 as well. I swear it was at #7 last night. It fluctuates a lot.

Hey Avetorian,
Later, I’m gonna make a tiny-micro-easter-egg-mod with a battle chat saying “homeworld 3 confirmed”

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Excellent. Lol Maybe a gearbox dev might put in some kind of easter egg eluding to a possible homeworld 3 in the remastered edition.


And they said it would never sell… shame on them!


Homeworld 3, i doubt it - they are still busy working on Shipbreakers first, after that its just guesing.

I guess I am just a bit more optimistic, I fully expect a new entry into the series after ship breakers =)

Yes bring us shipbreakers and hw3 finally we’ve been waiting for 12 years stop your Duke Nukem forever tactics on us… :stuck_out_tongue:

they’d be wise to co develop with blackbird and by co develop i mean give them money and let them develop it

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btw, don’t underestimate Shipbreakers …


for I think 8 hours now?! Yeah!

*fist bump* anyone?!

In other news, we’re all very tired. A comfy bed tonight will be great…


I bought copies for a couple of friends of mine to celebrate. We’re gonna have tons of fun diving into this, as I will be teaching them how to play.

if it sells beter then gta 5 then that means they should have break even or above.

/fist bump.

number 2 now :wink: