Homeworld: Remastered Kudos but Mission Scaling Issue

(Djstormx1981) #1

I have just started playing Homeworld: Remastered for the first time and I have to say that the graphics look astounding! I played the original when I was a kid and back then I thought it looked awesome…but seeing it now…it’s like I’m opening my eyes for the first time after being blind my whole life. Watching the game engine cinematics with everything maxed out made me like a little kid again, seeing the amazing details, textures, depth of field effects, everything…made me tear up like I was seeing the most beautiful thing in the world. On top of that, the remastered sound effects are amazing as well! Major kudos to you all at Gearbox for coming out with this!

Now that I have propped you up, unfortunately I have to take you down a few pegs…or more. I am one of those people who likes to play campaigns of games for the story. I like watching how things play out as if I’m watching a movie. It’s amazing to me being able to essentially take part in a game that plays like I’m controlling aspects of a cinematic feature. However, I haven’t been able to get past level 3 because before the cinematic has even finished, even with me scrambling to rescue the cryo trays, I lose 2 trays almost immediately, and within 30 seconds of that I lose the mission because I can’t even get my salvage corvettes over to start pulling the cryo trays or any of the 12 frigates that are annihilating them. Now, I’ve played the original HW numerous times over the years, and I don’t remember this mission being even remotely, not even a percentage of a percentage, this difficult to complete. After struggling for almost an hour just on this mission I gave up and thought “This has to be a bug, because I don’t remember that many frigates there, nor do I remember the cryo trays dying that quick.” So I google the problem I’m having and I discover that I’m not the only one having this issue, and discover that apparently there is something called “mission scaling” that makes the missions more difficult based on the number of ships you have. I used a minor cheat to give me a huge ton of RU’s so I wouldn’t have to worry about mining and built up a pretty sizable fleet in mission 2. However, because of this mission scaling feature I now cannot “watch my movie” the way I want to. This upsets me greatly as all I want to do is play through the campaign to go through the story again…like watching a digitally remastered classic movie that I haven’t seen in a while. However, I cannot do this because this feature of the game cannot be adjusted.

This brings me to another discovery I made regarding this feature. Apparently, from what I’ve read, Gearbox isn’t going to be changing that feature any time soon, if ever. This I do not appreciate. I believe there should be, as I’ve seen suggested in several other forums and threads here and elsewhere, mission scaling based on selectable difficulty levels. This would allow players who want to play for the challenge to select varying challenge levels, but then others who just want to play the game for the story to do so without difficulty. If I wanted a challenge I would play the multi-player. Because of this I feel like I want to ask for my money back, but know that there may at least be a slim possibility of this feature being added in the future…hopefully sooner rather than later. Just my two cents. Thanks for reading.

(El Rizzo) #2

There is a mod that reduces/rebalances mission scaling to prevent extreme cases like this, but I have to say, you basically brought this on yourself by cheating in the first place. I played through the campaigns multiple times now and I spent all my resources in mission 2 on ships before entering 3 and was able to save all the pods without much hassle. However, if you cheat and blow up your fleet size to proportions way beyond what should be possible that early in the game it isn’t really the game’s fault but your own, because the game and scaling mechanic wasn’t designed around people using resource cheats etc. and without them it works just fine.

There are some extreme cases in later missions that can let the scaling run amok even without cheats, but those are fringe cases and not easily encountered. As for a possible future patch that would change this, the chances for that happening are less than 0.000001% IMHO, as there hasn’t been any official statement in a very long time (could be over a year by now) and all our attempts at getting a dev to speak to us have failed (with the exception of BitVenom who no longer works on HW:RM).

Like I said, there is a mod that addresses the scaling issue, but don’t hope for any official changes to happen and if you truly want a refund, you can’t wait for it to happen, steam has a 14 days since purchase or 2 hours of playtime limit on refunds, so if you are past either of those you won’t be getting a refund and GOG, as far as I know, only grants refunds for games that aren’t working which isn’t true in your case.

(Belfong) #3

I’m totally newbie even to the old Homeworld. You can see a thread which I started where I asked for help with movement and navigating the UI. But even I can complete the mission with 3 Cyro ships in tact. It must be your “resource” cheats. You can’t blame the engine or dev for that.

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