Homeworld Remastered Launch Trailer

(Lukyhre) #1



The change in music style was daring. I can understand if someone gets mad at it but I personally like it!

(JAViL15) #2

It’s like a celebratory/triumphant trailer, I am personally fine with this

The others were better though, I certainly loved the story trailers.

(aka LightBRz) #3

Downvoted, this ain’t call of duty son.
Don’t try to sell it as one of those next gen piece of **** cutscene galore.

(Siber) #4

…well thatwas somewhat jarring. I see i’s an unlisted video, where’d you come across the link for it?

(Skeeteruk) #5

Dissapointed trailer in my opinion . Too energetic for kids it looked like with the flash messages and music. Visuals of the games good but the messages and music er no ta.

(Lukyhre) #6

The trailer is most likely aimed at newer audiences, keep that in mind.

I didn’t know it was unlisted. I don’t even remember how I saw it, I thought it was an a tweet, but I don’t see it anymore. Anyways I didn’t discovered it because some guys on Reddit found before me.