Homeworld Remastered Masters #2

Well the first tournament was a remarkable success despite some stumbles to begin with. So the next one has been lined up and it’s an ambitious project!

The tournament is set to be played on the 14th, that’s this upcoming Saturday. First place prize has quadrupled to $100 so far! Even more ambitiously it is a 2v2 Team tournament.

At the time of this posting, four teams have signed up with room for plenty more. Find a battle buddy, ask a stranger, pay a family member, but make a team and get ready to rumble!

Hi! From where are you guys playing? (i mean time zone). I’m from EU and i would like to play

Players from all around the world are welcome to join, to the best of my knowledge. It is slated to start at about 15:30GMT with all teams checking in during the previous hour. You can’t check in and start play later in the tournament. A couple of people last week showed up a few hours late and, well, too bad! :smiley:

Entered. Can’t wait!

Experimentation with maps is going on today. You might be able to help out some by finding Krux and others, testing out various options. The goal is to have several maps that will feature a wide variety of difference in the map pool. Encouraging different styles of play and strategies based upon the maps as well as the players and races. Good hunting out there people and remember, plenty of room to get in. So find your battle buddy and sign up!

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Yes, need more teams!

Sign up, it’ll be a blast!

What day is it? And does Krux have a BTC wallet?

Well it’s Wednesday right now. Oh wait, you meant when the tournament is? Read the first post here and/or click the link and head to the tournament page for start times and more information.

On 14th. I looked for that on the OP and somehow missed it. Guess I’m just doing too much and going too fast. :confused:

Still a couple of days left to get into the tournament folks. Nine teams have signed up at the time of this posting with room for plenty more. Find your battle buddy and fleet up!

Nine teams are set so far. Still time to get yours in! Remember it’s 2v2 so bring a friend!

Tournament is live!

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Congratulations to team Agromad, winning the tournament after a hard fought finals.
The next tournament is going to be a 1v1 on custom maps! Will post details when I grab them.