Homeworld Remastered Masters #3

It’s up folks! This week is a 1v1 tournament on custom maps.

It’ll be limited to 2-4player maps or something, right?

edit: I see now in the other full desc. 2-6…

Good luck guys! I wont be able to participate this week, already got tickets to watch a supercross race. =)

Ah… I really wanted to play but too much work kept me busy. No time to check maps, especially when I don’t know which are valid. Technically don’t have time to play either. Good luck to everyone else.

Were these maps tested? There’s some major bugs and just some really lame gameplay on many of them :confused:

Live in 50 minutes!

http://tlk.io/hwmasters Missing players from tourney chat even though they checked in.

Well, it has started. If you’d like to watch, tune in at: http://www.twitch.tv/kruxxen_