Homeworld Remastered - Mission 04 Resource Controller stuck

I have very funny bug in the beginning of mission 04 in Homeworld Remasterd: resource controller can’t leave mothership because of Bentusi mothership. Please, take Your time to see it with Your own eyes: https://youtu.be/W8mMLR8VEf8
It’s fascinating!

The game itself isn’t too bad may be… But where is the fuel? What happened with evasive behavior? Why such bugs is there? What happened to support frigate, it doesn’t heal ships when I ask to heal plenty of them? I araid there will be more such questions. And main question is: does You have played original game by Relic? Have You completed it? Have You completed all 3 games? Homeworld, Homeworld: Cataclysm, Homeworld 2? Why it’s remakes are different?


The original Relic devs actually helped remake this. The guys that are now at Blackbird Interactive working on the HW prequel.

Most of the things missing are because it was being ported to the HW2 engine, and other reason being that they had already delayed the game once by 3 months or so, and at the rate the current dev team is working the game should have been released in August. But the last few times Gearbox talked about the game and the collectors editions they joked that they might not even break even on on the investment it took to make the collectors editions. They were probably strapped for cash and needed to see SOME sort of income from the HW IP they just bought.

That said they didn’t just release it and run. The devs left to support the game have made a LOT of progress in restoring past functionality. I don’t know that evasive will ever work the same way and it’s been decided that fuel on ships didn’t ever really bring much to the game, but the balance is going to see major overhauls, a LOT of mod support is being added and the formations should hopefully work as intended once they’re all done. Use the dev post finder button and look for posts in the HW section.

As for the Controller being stuck, I guess just build it at the end of mission 3, before the Bentusi get there in mission 4, or after they leave in mission 4.

Thanks for reply! =)

But there are more questions:

  1. Docking. What happened with docking??? ))) Even if I command ships to dock with certain vessel they do what they want. There is place in Carrier for my bombers, I set launch panel to keep docked ships. Why are they flying away?
  2. Support Frigate. It doesn’t support! )))) Really! In the original game I had many of ion frigates (MANY-MANY of them after mission with sphere of hostile ion frigates %)) I played it for month or something, stealing those ships one by one) and few 1-3 support frigates that healed my strike forces. Now I have 20 frigates, 3 destroyers and 1 support frigate, and it does nothing even after Y-command, except confusing fighter-class ships. This is wierd. Why? Why for God’s sake??? ))) Sometimes, very rare to be honest, it does heal other ships. When it wants to do this. Very rare. Not in the battle, NO! Only in peace time. And even then - doesn’t always.
  3. Special commands. Z-button doesn’t work at all. You have to pause game (and set keystroke for pause before manually, it doesn’t work by default), shift-mouse-click and select command. What about hotkeys?
  4. Resource collection. May be it is easy for new “soft-core” players to automatically collect all resources on mission end, but it doesn’t interesting at all. In original game it was very difficult and fun to carry your resource collectors to resources before flying out. Now it’s doesn’t matter. It’s bad.
  5. Fuel. Fuel again. Did you tried to complete mission 10 without using any frigate or capital-class ships? It was impossible in original game because of fuel. Now it’s possible and doesn’t interesting. I tried and I destroyed Taiidian research station with attack bombers.
  6. Mines. The doesn’t work at all. They ignore my ships presence and just disappears. Mine too.

What I expected from this remake? Original gameplay 1-in-1 and brand new graphics. What i got? Realy nice graphics, but totally ruined gameplay. May be dev team can fix this by patches? It would be great!

Yup you’ll never get 1-on-1 gameplay sadly. The old HW engine would take FAR too much to rework to run by today’s standards. From a “we have limited time and money to get this done” perspective putting everything into HW2’s engine was ideal, however as you can see a lot of stuff fell through the cracks, especially when they designed multiplayer to work with all 4 factions at the same time.

  1. I haven’t seen much of a problem there myself, but have seen friends with that problem, likely to be fixed in the future.
  2. Same as #1 but as someone that plays mostly HW1 races I see this a lot more heh
  3. HW2 doesn’t allow for multiple command to work off of one hotkey, you can try to force it with an edit to the config files I think. There are several ships that have multiple abilities though so forcing it like that might cause some ships to do two things at once. Hotkeys not sticking between games has been prominent in a lot of players, a fix is likely coming soon
  4. This was how HW2 was designed but with HW1 it’s optional. There are proponents for HW2 to have optional auto jump too, especially for the sake of rebuilding forces. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be changed in the future.
  5. I have no idea how you did it then, I had 20 bombers get wiped by the heavy cruiser because the cruiser and destroyer’s guns seem to be way too accurate. And if that wouldn’t do it defenders seem to eat EVERY kind of strike craft for lunch (defender spam is currently a very common tactic for HW1 players that are against HW2 factions). Either way, there isn’t much of an argument for adding fuel back in. If anything the radiation there should be tweaked to effect strike craft more then.
  6. I’ve noticed this as well, likely to be in with the major fixes they have planed.

So overall as far as fixes are concerned, I can’t say when those will be out because the devs don’t even know either. But the way they been talking my guess is Mid August. The changes they’re doing to balance and mod support sound DRASTIC so be on the look out for that.

Thanks a lot! =)
Let’s observe what happens when patch will be rolled out.