Homeworld Remastered Mod - RM-TFS Lite

I have released a small mod for Homeworld Remastered on Steam workshop. This mod only modifies the ship and weapon stats, weapon and damage effects and adds some scripts from the TFS mod for the stock remastered Vaygr and Hiigaran combat units, making them behave like their counterparts in the TFS mod.

It does not add any new ships, research or build options and is not intended to represent a full release of TFS on Remastered; it is simply a test for importing and modifying scripts in Homeworld Remastered.

The mod can be downloaded on Steam Workshop:

If you want to use the mod in multiplayer, you will have to move its big file to your HomeworldRM/Data folder and create a shortcut with the following command line:
-mpbeta -mod RM_lite.big


How did you made it? Some old tools are working?