Homeworld Remastered News?

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So …
An announcement for a HW title in the (near) future ?!! …

[MOD] Taiidan Republic | April Update Released
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Yeah, I caught that in yesterday’s PAX panel too! The BiA fans are going to be a bit bummed though - looks like they got left out again.

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Ok, I have no idea what you are talking about… I thought you were asking if there would be a mod update soon…

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During the Gearbox show at PAX East yesterday, the head of Gearbox Publishing dropped a hint that there would be Homeworld news coming. Exactly when and what is anyone’s guess - this is the first time I’ve heard anyone from GBX mention HW in a very long time, and it was literally just a name drop.

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Read about that as well on a German PC magazine…

Makes me wonder if @BitVenom and his minions were called off back then to begin work on HW3. In their statements back then they described the HW:RM as some sort of Universal Engine that could get easily expanded up upon.

Who knows perhaps that new HW title will feature some sort of HW:Rm2.0 Engine.
So planned features for their last patch may have been cancelled to keep em new and fancy for that expanded engine. (speculation)

I just hope the new title will once again play in space and will feature once again the known Universe or at the very least the known factions. Story wise there’s still plenty to tell.

Prequel Ancient Galaxy/Hiigaran /Taiidan war till their exile when the Bentusi smashed the Hiigaran Fleet or perhaps a continuation of where hw2 left off. The exploration of the Eye of Aarran Hyperspace network which brings new - and or ancient races and conflicts along with it.

The only thing that bothers me is the fact that all HW Rm mods will once again be out of date and then it remains questionable if modders will port their creations once again over…

I certainly hope that they will enhance the modding support or possibly add a 3d Mission Editor of sorts. Or tools that can communicate with a 3rd party map editor of any kind.

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If anything, I expect cataclysm remastered - remember they showed us the remastered kuun laan? They asked us a few questions about cataclysm back in the day.

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Who showed you the remastered Kuun laan back in the day or anyone in the forums? I just curious about this. And when. Also me too, I expect Homeworld Cataclysm Remastered as well.

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It was in the days of beta testing for patch 2.1. This was in the beta build:

The only thing that was said by the devs was “the ship isn’t in its finished state”. But it clearly shows that they were working on Cataclysm at some stage, even if it was just this one ship.

Someone probably still has the HOD file somewhere. Try @sastrei or @avetorian

@VaultHunter101 can you split this into a new post at 1447? I feel we have digressed from the Taiidan Republic Mod at this point…

[SCRIPTING] Tech stealing script
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I think the som_mothership guns are still in the current game files too.

Fingers crossed for more Homeworld coming down the pipe.

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oh yes! I didn’t spot that:


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The story was a bit different, but let it stay that way … ; ]

Just guessing, but I don’t think so, Gearbox is becoming bigger and bigger with many ongoing projects.

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I reckon they would do Homeworld 3 rather than Cataclysm Remastered. Here an idea how about basing the game on Hiigara? We already had one on Kharak, why not have one on the Hiigaran Homeworld. It would be interesting.

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The idea of the next HW gets me thinking what kind of game it could be - RTS or not RTS?

If not a RTS, I would do something related to building the MS in Kharak. A story with spies, remember, the MS took 60 years to be built and it’s sized 26Km or such, so plenty of “space” for a good story.

If a RTS, the exploration of the gates is the natural step, with many possibilities. I hope the art style gets back to the HW1 style, although I really enjoyed many ships in HW2 (and many post-HW2 mods ; ] ).

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Personally I think with exception of the ancient forming of the various Empires that we had enough prequels for now. I hope they will continue upon the HW lore by adding new story law to the main story line.

They could also very well easily introduce another time lapse taking us 500, 600 years further ahead… What I think was the best part about Homeworld in general were the numerous tiny and larger races that were scattered throughout the galaxy.

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They could be referring to this:

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Haha now that would be the day, eh?

I doubt it… When they talked at pax they talked about their electronic gaming projects and potentially upcoming stuff.

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Just a post in order to get notified on future updates

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You can sign up to a topic without posting on it, there is a button below “Bookmark” to do that. I, for instance did that and received a notification on my email when you posted.

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You can also “watch” a thread so you get notifications of new posts. Two ways to do that: one is through your user profile settings:

The other is the button beside the “Reply” button below the scrolling thread count.


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OK tech support :slight_smile:

I’ll do that next time