Homeworld Remastered Patch Balance Changes

Well, sure, why wouldn’t you? There really isn’t a problem with that.
People that remember to micromanage stances will do things more optimally in general. That’s just one example of many.

No, no one needs to remember that. They can not bother, and the ships will be a little slower. No harm done if you aren’t playing a competitive match.
You’re falling into a fallancy of “so much to do that’s hard why should I bother”. Well why should you bother to play videogames to begin with instead of just having an AI play the game perfectly with no human involvement at all?

Am I reading that right? Controller health upgrade now costs less than Collectors health upgrade?

[quote=“innociv, post:21, topic:1501771”]
You’re falling into a fallancy of “so much to do that’s hard why should I bother”. Well why should you bother to play videogames to begin with instead of just having an AI play the game perfectly with no human involvement at all?
[/quote]Uh what? Speaking of fallacies, lol. No need to put words in my mouth man. I just thought it was weird that ships wouldn’t move at their max speed out of combat by default. No need to jump down my throat.

Yes, and the Vaygr Utility class upgrade is now 1200 to match.

Pulsar corvette spam seems too strong, especially against HW1 races because the HW1 Heavy Corvettes and assault frigates seem to be still too weak to handle them in large numbers. Maybe nerfing the build time for the pulsar corvettes would be a nice idea?

They definitely seem stronger early on.

Missile Destroyers completely demolish them if they group up and aren’t ordered around well. And even them, they still handedly beat them for the cost.

I think it’s too early to tell for sure, but yeah it’s a thought.

[quote=“Volken32, post:25, topic:1501771, full:true”]
Pulsar corvette spam seems too strong, especially against HW1 races because the HW1 Heavy Corvettes and assault frigates seem to be still too weak to handle them in large numbers.[/quote]
Just tested:
42 Kushan Heavy Corvettes vs 42 Pulsar Corvettes (fully upgraded)
–>Average of 8 heavy corvettes remaining (6 tests)

10 Kushan Assault Frigates vs 42 Pulsar Corvettes (fully upgraded)
–>Average of 6 frigates remaining (5 tests)

A pulsar rush should be crushed by an assault frigate rush, hw1 assault frigates and hiig torpedo frigates are the counter to corvettes. Heavy corvettes are better than pulsar too, but you’ll want to mix them with other units like assault frigates as they build slower. Note: many hw1 ships build slower than hw2, as hw1 races start with 4x production slots while hw2 races only start with 2.

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Yeah but you can’t have those 4 production slots completely focus on corvettes and frigates, you need to eco first aswell not to mention the research ships. Also you’ll never see a head-on fight like you tested because it’ll mostly be extended skirmishes with units coming in all the time and as you mentioned that pulsars build faster than HW1 ships they’ll outnumber them and kill the HW1 units as the reinforcements are coming in from both sides. You also have to take into account that the hiigarans get to build pulsar corvettes before the HW1 races get to build heavy corvettes or assault frigates because you can’t make multiple research ships at a time.

My suggestion is make the build time for either the corvette module or the corvettes longer, and consider to maybe give the pulsar corvettes a slight accuracy nerf because they tend to move a lot more than their HW1 counterparts. And to slightly balance out the upgrades in the later game.

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Maybe cut a little the time into research heavy and multi gun corvettes, they are taking a little long to research. Same to cloaked fighters and defense fighters (not defenders)

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Wondeful patch, thanks Gearbox! :smile:


Looking at rush times: Pulsars can be had 68seconds before kushan heavy corvettes, and 113 second before kushan assault frigates. But kushan light corvettes can be had 40 seconds before pulsars, and kushan interceptors/bombers 63 seconds before pulsars.

Viable real game kushan counters to a pulsar rush include:

  • Opening interceptors and then getting assault frigates. You should be able to kill collectors or modules and force him to make gunship corvettes to defend. You can also get gravity wells right after assault frigates.
  • Opening bombers and chancing a quick win or quick loss.
  • Opening light corvettes and then getting heavy corvettes too to pump 4x corvettes.
  • On medium/large maps: Opening assault frigates and then getting gravity wells.
    Note: When facing a rush, you typically want to build the same number of collectors as your opponent or 2 more.

Keep playing! If you want add me on steam (cloaked2222) and try a pulsar rush vs me, I’ll play Kushan and show you a few ways to deal with it. That said, I wouldn’t be against suggesting to maybe reduce the build time on heavy corvettes from 25 to 20 seconds. I’ve been thinking they may build a bit too slow for a while. Just keep in mind Pulsars and Heavy Corvettes are asymmetrical, and shouldn’t always be compared apples to apples.

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I’ve been playing with the new patch and in general it’s awesome! Thanks Gearbox!

Now that multiplayer is live (out of beta), hope the game get some PR coverage and get more people to come (or come back). The current Steam sale and PC Gamer coverage is nice btw.

A nice-to-have feature request, I wonder if we could have a thicker ion beam on the ion cannon frigate or destroyer like in HW1 original :slight_smile:

RM is available on GOG now, too. But I’m not sure GOG uses the same servers for multiplayer as Steam.

Does anyone know this?

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They don’t

Just thinking about it, it would be pretty difficult to properly define what “in battle” means without side effects. Having an attack order? Then you could just issue move commands in a fight to abuse the travel speed (I guess you could call this “micro,” but I’d much rather use tactics and current micro capabilities without further complicating things). Proximity to enemy ships? But what if I just want to scout/pass through/retreat, and what if the enemy just sends a single unit that could slow down my entire group of ships?

I see where you’re coming from, but the actual effects could potentially hurt more than help.

This Patch is a total nonsense. What u have to change now is:

  1. Undo the Patch
  2. Limit Defenders to 20
  3. Make Gunships stronger
  4. Make Vaygr Harvesting a bit faster
  5. Make Hw1 frigs, dest and hc cheaper and faster to get and give higher cap so that they can match with hw2 in lategame because of higher number.

You dont need to thank me, that i can do your totally failed work of a whole year in 1 Minute :slight_smile:

Reference: Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

This all feels so amazing! Had some intense 2v2 and 3v3 with mixed teams and hw1 vs hw2. Win or lose, it was exciting.

Of course one is compelled to point out the negative things too.

  1. Defenders seem to be useless in such small numbers (20). There is no reason to build them since they are stationary and get wiped out immediately.

  2. Can’t get corvettes to work as hw1 at least. When I forgo them I end up with much better results (could of course be due to my inexperience). Everything that’s close to stationary gets deleted (like trying to dock fighters into support frigates too close to action… might as well scuttle them).

  3. Salvage corvettes only useful when raiding a lone ship. If there’s SOMETHING that can fight back they are not worth the effort. It’s much worse in actual battle.

  4. Frigates and destroyers are now balanced and it’s fun to micro them around… But both hw1 and hw2 cruisers still seem too strong to me. Had to micro like crazy around a cruiser and even then lost too many destroyers and frigates. What I’m trying to say is that cruisers are still mandatory to build…

  5. Why the **** is multiplayer community split over gog and steam?!

Thanks for the work!

p.s. PLEASE people, organize some (weekly?) tournaments! Popcorn won’t eat itself!

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the steam multiplayer uses steam servers for the lobby and I assume some parts of setting up games. It stands to reason that a game can’t take advantage of that without being a steam game.


Don’t worry regarding the Gog community. Usually you got less than 10 people playing any game in their lobbies. The servers are mostly sponsored by Gog itself. And the DRM free fanatics are only few in numbers these days. I don’t like DRM either but it’s common practice nowadays. If they can’t adjust to modern times it’s their problem. So what I’m saying here in regards of Homeworld Remastered steam is the right choice in terms of Multiplayer.


Oh I understand why it’s split and that there are different servers. I am more concerned for the people who don’t care about DRM but think it’s cool having a DRM free game, since it’s presumably all the same as the steam version. It should be explicitly noted that the multiplayer is separate.