Homeworld Remastered Story Trailer

Today we’re excited to release the first story trailer for Homeworld Remastered! Watch the video above to learn more about the critically acclaimed story of Homeworld in this trailer from the Homeworld Remastered Collection that highlights the updated audio, visuals, and effects.


Great Job!

Trailer looks very good, great job guys!

Really nice, so good to get a proper look at the original ships, sound quality seems pretty good too.

Really enjoyed this, thanks for releasing - I loved the Taiidan and Kadeshi shots, they look better than I had hoped!

Amazing how every model and ambientation look soo much better yet the same that I have in my memories… a wonderful work, can’t wait for release!

Loved it. This is going to be a digital feast!

Wow that was great stuff! Finally getting to see peaks at the other Homeworld 1 ships is really getting me excited. Great work!

This maybe just nostalgia talking, but I could swear that the Diirvaas had more of a thunk than a pew pew like @1:50.

Are there some placeholder sounds?