Homeworld: Remastered UI and Texture Glich

I got some serius Graphic gliches ingame.
I can be Superman and see through the wall of the ships, and the UI doesn’t work as well. is to shinyy and i can barrely se into it.
My Specs
AMD A-10 7950k
R9 290x MSI OC
16gb DDR3 Corsar Vengance
Any one can help?

It’s a fairly known problem. You have a program with an overlay running in the background, like MSI Afterburner, Raptr, or AMD gaming evolved for example.

see those previous post :

For the correct operation of MSI Afterburner, you need to configure Rivatuner Statistics Select the option Vector3D in Rivatuner Statistics and everything will work.
Video https://youtu.be/6n225tksauM