Homeworld Remastered Unit Cap

Has there been any information released on the Unit Cap. I understand that a staff member who was from the complex mod team mentioned something along the lines of ‘What unit cap?’. However in Total Biscuits video the Unit Cap appeared to be present.

Is this the case for just versus or is this a cap for both versus and the campaign.

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in the old hw 2 engine which is what beghins was talking about the unit limit was set in the game data files which could be easily edited. which is why he said facetiously what unit limit.


Not having a unit cap would be a very bad idea. The unit caps were not just there to keep performance up, but also to provide balance. It is a well known fact that the power of a unit alone compared to the power of that unit in a group is much different, and in turn the power of that unit in a large group is much different still.

The unit cap meant that you couldn’t just amass one type of unit and use that because it was powerful in groups. You had to create good compositions and utilize each unit type the best you could. It turned it into a combined arms game.

In HW2 the highest unit cap had too loose restrictions compared to the next highest level, which simply encouraged battlecruiser spam over any other composition. The restricted battlecruiser count made them individually more important, made bombers and other anticapitals more potent, and that meant you had to support the BC’s much better. A simple unit cap created so much gameplay depth.

That’s alright if you want tactical slow paced skirmishes, however, if you want to just see an all out battle with lots of ships and lots of explosions, then having no limit, fast production and what not is essential. I like huge fleet battles.