Homeworld Restored v0.6.5 Released!


Homeworld Restored seeks to rework Homeworld Remastered into a game much more closely resembling the gameplay of Homeworld 1. Corvettes work properly and fit into their old roles, capital ships now have roughly equal range and fairly comparable dps/hp values, minelayers now have a basic attack command, and the game sounds like it should. Koopak’s and Mechwarrior’s BulletMod has been fully incorporated and expanded upon, bringing simulated projectiles to every single kinetic weapon in the game in both single player and multi-player. The singleplayer has been adjusted with more competent Kadeshi and Turanics along with even more aggravating Progenitors. Homeworld 2 races have been completely reworked and now play more similarly to the Homeworld 1 races with comparable firepower across all ship classes.

The latest update adjusts the range on most ships to generally be closer, which should be a buff for strike craft and act to bring the mod even closer to Homeworld 1.

Have fun everyone!


So basically you decided you weren’t even gonna give gearbox a chance to start iterating the official balance mod? Great mentality there…

There’s an official balance mod?


From the looks of it this mod is different from the Balancing mod/patches GBX will be doing. Where the GBX efforts will be to balance the HW1 race up to HW2 levels (and then presumably balance from there) with community input, this mod does the opposite where everything goes back to HW1 balancing from one player’s perwspective. Some people would prefer that and if this will give them what they want then that’s great. That’s why Modding is such a huge feature of remastered, so that people can do exactly this.

Also how people miss the huge gigantic stickied Dev made and very active balancing thread is beyond me lol :smiley:


@matththegeek That’s a multiplayer Balance Mod isn’t it ? its not really meant to return HW1:RM to a closer approximation of the original game. Rather its to improve the way the various forces duke it out in head to head conflicts.

Now it could help or it could even move some aspects of the game further away from what you could consider standard.

But as they sate in that quote

The fundamental problems aren’t being addressed here. so why are they focusing on balance changes that would need to be repeated if at a later date if they were to make said engine changes. Unless there is no desire to make engine changes in the first place.

@Stuart98 did you sort out that issue with damaging asteroids with these modified weapon’s ?
Something about missiles didn’t do damage on asteroids so basing all ballistic weapon’s on modified missile script carried the issue over… or have I got myself confused again :slight_smile:

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Engine changes are being considered along with the balance changes, there is nothing wrong with doing both. Speculation like this:

Unless there is no desire to make engine changes in the first place.

Is counter to proper discussion, especially when the devs state the exact opposite. It’s just not a very nice thing to do.

Where do they state

I must have missed that developer post :confused:

Who has stated the exact opposite ? you’ve really got my interest with this. If I’ve missed something important its not for the want of looking. I really cant find these quotes your referring to.

In fact I would love there to be a discussion… I would love a developer to swoop in and say…Yes …Yes we are looking at modifying the source code to deal with some of the issues that have been raised about the Gameplay to HW1

This Multiplayer mod patch were working on is just temporary fix that we will do Again once these engine changes were going to do invalidate the Multiplayer mod patch we just so happen to be working on right now.

No one would be happier than me to be proved utterly and completely wrong on the subject… I fact I’ll even Beg.


Because unless I am wrong I wont get a chance to play the game I had hoped for :cry:


They’re looking at ways to implement smarter strike craft ai and support craft healing more like you see in HW1. I also know they’re making plenty of changes code side for the modders and if you’re looking for an exact quote look at the bit about formations in this thread Future MP:Beta Patches!

They want to implement plenty of things, it all depends on the scope. Saying the exact opposite when you know for a fact there is a LOT of desire is not a nice thing to do. You are making it sound like the devs don’t give a dang when in fact they do give a great many dangs.

I still doubt however you’re gonna get HW1 with a new coat of paint. Accept it, move on, etc. etc.

Here, have fun: HW1/HW2 - Code/Engine changes discussion

Deep deep down I hope I had a hand in that threads creation with all that begging I did. :smirk:… I can dream can’t I.


Actually they are working on HW1 campaign balance too, I found this on HW Steam forums though at the end there is a link to the post that was made on these forums…enjoy! :slight_smile:

Game patch development news
Here’s some official quote from BitVenom about the game patch development:

"Howdy everyone! As was sorta mentioned in previous posts (from @scole, @Burly) - we’ve been working on changes for balance, but also back-end code changes to facilitate larger edits to ship and simulation behavior.

Well, I have some bad news, and some good news, I think. I’m going to cover what we were attempting to do, the results/issues - and then what we’re thinking will work going forward.
Early Thinking

First - when looking at what the HW2 engine did with HW1 units that was most difficult to script-update, we found that the code-level distinction between ‘Squadrons’ and ‘Strike-groups’ was at the core of most issues. In the HW2 engine Squadrons can be forced to act (mostly) as a single object in terms of movement/pathing/engagement. A Squadron can be a single ship (most units, especially HW1), or a group (the more attack-oriented HW2 units). When placing Squadrons into Strike-groups the game would drive them as a unified whole only up until an engagement was reached - at which point they break off. This is normal for HW2 - but quite unlike HW1.

After much digging we settled on the approach of overlaying Strike-groups with a ‘virtual’ Squadron - since they coordinate as a group and can be configured to stick together. But… this really didn’t go well. The code and systems it defines are just much, much too layered to effectively do this (I banged my head against this wall for nearly 2 weeks). I can go into plenty of details about why - though people without access to the code won’t get much benefit from any additional information.

So, I think 2 weeks of effort with little to show can be termed ‘the bad news’.
Present Thinking

This week we’ve been talking more about how to accomplish some of our goals (a more HW1-like experience for HW1 races, less problematic cross-race balancing, more effective AI use of races) - and one approach has been chosen for more investigation. And we think it’s ‘the good news’.

Squadrons in HW2 work pretty well. They act generally like HW1 ‘Formations’ when of the same units and physical layout (not exactly, no, but close). The trouble is that HW1 units are single-build, and HW2 units are group-build - and neither has the flexibility to modify their Squadron ‘affinity’. So what if, instead of hacking at Strike-groups, we made Squadrons more flexible? Here’s the plan:

Remove Squadron heal (when you take 1 Ship into a docking and out comes X fully-healed units) - if X units go into a dock, X fully-healed units come out, no more, no less.
Allow Ships to leave a Squadron. When selecting a Squadron and choose the ‘leave formation’ icon, the ships become single units.
HW1 units gain HW2-like multi-ship builds by default: The same class of ship in HW2 that builds in multiples will build in HW1 as multiples. Since they can leave Squadrons, you can easily revert to the ‘old’ single-ship approach.
Forming a Strike-group becomes content aware:
– A Strike-group will instead form a Squadron when possible.
– ‘Possible’ means ships of the same type, and a Formation that Squadron supports.
– If you form a Strike-group from many types of units, you get the HW2 Strike-group behavior (loosely coordinated single ships)
– If you form a Strike-group from Squadron-eligible units, you get a Squadron; with all of the ‘coordinated’ behavior that implies - more like HW1 acted.
– This allows for ‘mega Squadrons’ of things like Bombers, Interceptors, etc. 50+ units, all moving and working together, adjusting formation, etc.
A Strike-group formed of Squadrons (including multi-ship types) would break them into single ships and use them more like HW1 layouts - aka a bunch of ‘delta’ multi-ship Squadrons with some other units placed into a wall Strike-group will form a wall - not a wall with deltas dangling off it. When that Strike-group is broken, you’d have to re-form your multi-ship Squadrons again.
– During development we may add an ‘auto break’ command that takes a mixed-use Strike-group and breaks it into a number of single-ship and multi-ship Squadrons as best is possible for you.

Your Turn!

We very much want to hear what people think of these ideas - issues, benefits, related ideas, etc. Talk to us…"


If you guys have some suggestion,you may post it on GBX forum.

@Jeckenn Yep… if you look at ForceUser’s link in the post above mine it goes to the thread you just quoted from.
Which in itself was created very shortly after my begging post above that one. :smile:


Cool! It really does appear to me from reading that post that Gearbox is genuinely motivated to try to fix the problems with HW1 remastered as best they can. Myself being a newbie to the series I never noticed the problems with HW1 until I viewed this video, which is a critical review of the remaster of HW1. The video is done very well and is not critical for the sake of being critical it just points out the problems and hopes they can fix it.

Like I said this video really does show the problems with split screen of the classic version and the remastered version so even a newbie to the series can clearly see that the original game has a lot better tactics because of formations and tactics that worked properly because of the physics based engine that HW1 used instead of the RNG hit chance engine that was used for HW2.


Very well put together. Some things were omitted but overall a very good comparison.

I plan on doing a pass on strike craft HP and damage soon. Minelayer corvettes should be effective enough until then. They can actually attack now so they should be semi-useful.