Homeworld RM - Campaign Inquiry

Not entirely sure if this is placed in the correct section - However I wish to ask. Will Homeworld RM’s tool-set allow for the implementation of User-Made Campaigns?

I’ve been planning out a rough campaign idea, however I don’t wish to proceed if it will turn out a User-Made Campaign isn’t feasible.

You are already able to do this, and don’t need the toolset to do it; I’m not sure Gearbox even have a tool for creating campaigns, its just good ole scripting. If you need help getting started let me know.

Thanks for the info. I’ll examine the Campaign files and see what does what. For whatever reason I was under the impression it wouldn’t be possible.

It’s a bit of effort, but first you’ll need to decrypt archives:

followed by extracting them with unfBig or similar (and something to decrypt lua files which the campaign mostly comprises of)

I’m not sure when we’ll get the official tools, but I wouldn’t wait if you want to edit up a campaign.

I’ve already got that done for the most part. Alongside the campaign I’ve been poking at ships from Freespace Media VPs and the plethora of mods made for that game. At present I’m cleaning up one of these models so I can give importing it a try.

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Good luck with that, FreeSpace has been one of my most beloved games, too.

Just wanted to remind you that BitVemon said early in the development process that they were aware of the community intent to create new campaigns, but was unsure if GBX would be able to support a tool for that purpose. Don’t know anything about the mission format HW has, but apparently it isn’t very friendly.

It is not that complicated. There are plenty of good examples to follow, for example in the BSG mod.

Well none of which reaches even closely the standards of any of the 3 official game campaigns had. Each mod that introduced some sort of new mission maps presented them with some minor scripts in it but no real story line behind it or actual flow besides messed up fights. Not sure if the actual Hw1,Hw2 standards are even possible to recreate and when then just by replacing the original campaigns which is also not the most practical solution I suppose. Although I would play all of them.

As for some form of sp map editor. Prior to the release one of the devs answered that question in person by saying they got no intentions of releasing any sort of map editor when it comes to sp mapping. Not sure if that changed by now but I doubt it. If they don’t code in an entire new game routine, so that the game can read custom SP maps and campaigns I doubt that we will ever get one in the first place.

The only thing that is really a roadblock to hitting that sort of quality, besides the standard mod asset production time costs, is a NIS editor.

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Except for the NIS parts and the voice recording, what you call “standards” is just the number of scripted events. Once you know how to add one, you know how to add dozens.

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Voice recording is 100% doable too. Just difficult to organize and very time consuming.

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