Homeworld RM crashes after +- 1 minute of playtime

I got some weird issue.
I can launch the game just fine. Gearbox Logo movie plays, it loads to menu.
Then I proceed to play first Training mission.
Everything looks fine I can do the first three tasks and then suddenly I get a popping sound and bam game hangs and I have to restart pc.
Same with campaign. I see intro movie fine then the ingame cinematics run and it crashes in the middle of it.

I have updated my gfx drivers to latest AMD ones.
I have verified files in Steam multiple times.

See DxDiag here
See HwRM.log here

Anyone any Ideas or tips on how to resolve this.

So I can relive my youth.

Are you modding something? It looks like you have a file looking for stuff that doesn’t exist and that’s what’s crashing it.

Not looked at mods yet. Clean install just bought the game.

Game works fine after I moved it to my C:\ drive instead. Weird stuff.

yea, looks like the error is here:

Data path : F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\data
Starting Level: Data:\LevelData\Campaign\tutorial\M01\M01.level

‘Data:’ is supposed to be the variable named ‘Data’, but it may be interpreting it incorrectly due to the drive letter.

i’ve seen an issue like this in company of heroes, where it doesn’t understand unc/network paths.

oh wait, same company (relic). now it all makes sense ;p

you can read me bitching about it here: http://community.companyofheroes.com/forum/company-of-heroes/company-of-heroes-general-discussion/115321-unc-paths-folder-redirection-distributed-file-system