Homeworld ship functions/parameters

So to start I have to say I’m an absolute newb to Homeworld modding.
I’ve (like we probably all have) messed around with changing models, ship properties, etc. and am
starting to get to know my way around how homeworld actually works and interprets all the files.

Now specifically I’m interested in the interactions of ships when they attack each other as I don’t really like the fact that now an attack order just points the front (or any other angle) of the ship towards the enemy ship and starts shooting. In particular when the ship that attacks is below the other ship, it points its nose straight up to it, while I would like the ship to keep ‘level’.

Now for the actual question: I want to know more about the different functions available in the Homeworld engine, i.e. what can one actually write in a script file? Where to find the function/parameter definitions of the game?

Little example: in the ‘broadside’ (and many other) script there is the parameter ‘facingAngle’. Where can one find all these parameters/functions available to a ship/weapon/…?

For those interested why I madly want to know: I am messing around with the Warlords SW Mod and want the combat to feel more fit to star wars ships.
A Star destroyer with its pointy nose alligning upwards towards a rebel ship is not really immersive.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance for any help!

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Short answer: have a look at the hgn battlecruiser - it does not put it’s nose up our down much, because it is limited in the .ship file.

Longer answer: have a look here for parameters: http://hw2wiki.net/wiki.hw2.info

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That is exactly what I needed, now I can mess around a bit more with fleet movement possibilities. Cheers!



I just had the exact same problem. I have a ship in my mod that uses the Sajuuk model, so it’s like 4 times bigger that any other ship. It just looks stupid if it can bank up or down too much, even if it fights better when it can.

I think you should be able to get the effect you’re looking for by changing this degree-angle value in the .ship file:


They break that rule in some cases, like if they’re trying to track a ship that’s too close of if they get in a pickle about trying to get around an object, but you should be able to solve that too by messing around with a bunch of other values, but I would try that one first and see how it goes.

Good luck!

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Yeah that value did seem to make sure it doesn’t start banking stupidly in most cases.

As I also wanted to get rid of all the sidestrafing when giving an attack target and moving the ship about, additionally changing the ships attack script style from ‘FaceTarget’ to ‘MoveToTargetAndShoot’ now allows it to move more naturally without always wanting to point itself directly towards its target (and banking).

Now some more value-changing work left to prevent further funky movements.

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