Homeworld Ship Merchandise ideas?

I was told there were new forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously, this is just the pie in the sky spitballing of one (slightly obsessed) fan, but what would be some neat ways to see Homeworld ships be made into something you could buy? I had a few ideas, inspired by one of the threads on the old forums:

Model kits, a la Bad Azz models: http://www.jt-graphics.com/MK_BA.html

Diamond Select/Art Asylum electronic ships: http://www.amazon.com/Star-Trek-Enterprise-Electronic-Starship/dp/B00009P7IH

Small scale die-cast ships: https://www.eaglemoss.com/en-gb/sci-fi-fantasy/star-trek-the-official-starship-collection/

LEGO set: http://brickset.com/sets/8039-1/Venator-Class-Republic-Attack-Cruiser

What are some of y’all’s ideas?


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I like this. I mean, heck I spent 130$ on getting the collectors edition from the uk after it sold out in USA just for that Mothership :smiley:

I might even be buying the Homeworld: Remastered on Steam so I can play sooner and not wait for the Collectors edition to hit my doorstep a week+ later

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I vote for Diamond Select / Art Asylum. I own nearly all of their Star Trek models and they are all exquisitely detailed.


Would LOVE a Skaal-Tel destroyer lego.

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I grew up with LEGO for breakfast and Homeworld for lunch… hence I approve of this vehemently!

Argh how many models I built as a kid! All those possible sets lost in time!

I wouldn’t mind a Tabletop Space Combat game a la Firestorm Armada or Battlefleet Gothic.