Homeworld shipbreakers, what happened to it?

With the release of the homeworld HD’s I was wondering what happened to shipbreakers? I have not heard anything about it since it was announced in 2013. google searches as well give nothing useful. Anyone know anything?

They talked about it a bit at pax, its being worked on.

Its still under heavy development.

Aside from it still being in development, I’d assume they are keeping it quiet until after Homeworld: Remastered launches, etc.

Ya I think once all the excitement of remastered passes we may probably hear more about it. Also I suspect that many game aspects as well as mechanics and story had to be rewritten from scratch in some sectors. Remember shipbreakers originally used to become a f2p product while that is already approximate 2 years ago stuff still takes time.

They could be halfway done with their project perhaps even in internal alpha or beta releases. Time will tell.

Also don’t forget that it wasn’t originally even a Homeworld game. While some of the guys behind the original Homeworld games were working on, it was originally called Hardware: Shipbreakers. Only after they were granted kind permission to use the Homeworld IP did it becoming Homeworld: Shipbreakers. Luckily for the devs, one of them (who’s name escapes me) was secretly working on story and other elements to tie the new game into the Homeworld universe so when the permission came it was much easier for them.

The game is still coming and we should hear more about it once the launch of Homeworld Remastered is out of the way.