Homeworld: Shipbreakers

Can we get a formal update on this?

Side channels indicate that Shipbreakers resources are working on the remaster, but that Shipbreakers is still under way.

Gearbox’s website says Blackbird is still developing, and Gearbox is still to be the publisher.

There’s not been any formal update for a year and a half.

I don’t think we need to pull much resource away from the tasks at hand. Just something small, but formal and conspicuous would be nice.


cc: old forums

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They wouldn’t want to steal hype/momentum from Homeworld: Remastered at this point. Don’t expect anything for a while after release. But they did say stuff is coming and it’s being worked on, during the 1 hour Homeworld panel at PAX.


Awesome. Thanks. I missed that. Going back to rewatch PAX2015…

The old-forum thread for this is:

So far, some support for Cataclysm, and some for HW3, whatever that would be. A joke about Cataclysm 2.

Mixed support for Shipbreakers because it’s ground based, but many of us are smitten by it because it’s part of the HW universe.

[quote=“xaminmo, post:4, topic:78879, full:true”]…but many of us are smitten by it because it’s part of the HW universe.

Well, it is now at least. It didn’t start out that way :smile:

That may be so, but even before then it was a spiritual prequel. The story writer confirms that it was written and designed with the HW lore in mind, ergo it was easily and readily integrated once it became official. :>

True, but that was more wishful thinking than anything else. He had no idea if he’d ever be able to use the Homeworld IP when he made those plans. It was pure fluke that Gearbox kindly agreed to grant them rights to the IP after they won them from the THQ auction. I’ve seen the interviews too :smile:

Of course. Just makes it all the more awesome. ;D

Ain’t nobody gonna discuss the shots shown at PAX? :smile:

These are not concept art, btw. They said this is what the game looks like right now!


Are GBX going to be at PAX in Melbourne again in October? Showing more aweseomeness? I’ll be there again this year, all three days

Is GBX gonna be at PAX South? :smiley:

Full video with in-game footage! Rachel S-jet!

Take my money, Now!


They should do a preorder with some little I don’t know, model of Kharak or a wreckage or something! :wink:

Base runner model. :smiley:

Hm, wonder if people would consider a mini Lego base runner a good pre order item!

I was going to say that! :wink:

it really reminds me on ground control 1 +2 (specially 1 with the dessert settings)

but with a very nice blue map

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How about a model of Rachel SJet? :grin:

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Great idea :slight_smile: :wink:

Is anyone kinda worried about Shipbreakers after seeing how Gearbox couldn’t hammer out issues that exist to this day with the Remastered Collection even with members of the original team involved? The collection is by no means terrible but it shaky quality makes me wonder if Shipbreakers is getting the proper resources given the remaster wasn’t and if suffer from the odd lack of quality non-Borderlands Gearbox titles have been experiencing.

If I had my hopes up, then I would be worried.

I was so disappointed with what Remastered. Maybe they’ve fixed things, but fundamental aspects were removed. It wasn’t remastered. It was scraped together recreate with some higher quality AV assets.

But, Shipbreakers will be its own, new thing. If it delivers, and is complete, then just consider it to be its own game.

It won’t be Cataclysm though.