Homeworld Splendor MOD

(Leviathans Wrath) #21

All bow to herb god

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #22

Can we see some screenshots?

(Herbyguitar) #23

Just the person I want to talk to! I was wondering if you still had old Homeworld 1 tools?
I need ‘HwToolz’ for making entries into ‘textures.ll’ file… also, I have ‘hwse’ 139 and 140 but can’t get them to run on Win 7. I lost a lot of stuff in my last upgrade. “stupid”.

I don’t suppose I gave you my HW1 R2 Mothership model…

(ajlsunrise) #24


(Herbyguitar) #25

I have them all but ‘HwToolz’ isn’t in there. I have a ‘HwTools.rar’ file but the cab file inside is corrupt and I can’t extract it.

(Leviathans Wrath) #26

Arfff I don’t know, have to look around

(Herbyguitar) #27

My biggest conserns are:
Finding a copy of ‘HwToolz’
Getting ‘hwse’ working.

(Leviathans Wrath) #28

Only I got are the books uploaded to moddb