Homeworld Splendor MOD

Agreed Herby does great work all the time

Just putting stuff out there to see if anything could fill slots that may be missing or possibly upgraded…

Awesome looking ships as always

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there was a Raiders Ascendant mod for HW1 that had some really cool ships. I liked their version of Raider Dreadnaught better than anything I’ve seen for that role since then…

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Raider ascendant mod is in hwu

As I’ve been playing both with this mod and just straight fullHD original with increased view distances over several years I absolutely agree with the point presented here.

It’s like looking at Halo 1 against Halo 5 spartans suit’s designs. That many edges, small parts and clutter in general…
Sometimes less is better, less normals, less edges, less greebles: just let the mind do the work around good textures and vertices.

First image has such “softness” even tough it’s lower poly count that you almost don’t notice it. Actually the remastered one looks like a tiny model in front of you, while the original blends in the distance as if it was really a multi kilometres structure out of a window.

Not to talk about UI, that while smaller than in HW2 still brings you out of the illusion. Illusion of being really there in space, piloting spaceships with your mind like Karan would.


Hey, @p2ambassador, this mod’s great. It’s how I’ve been playing Homeworld 1 Classic for a while now.

I’ve been wondering. Does this mod allow us to add more ship types?

Example: I want to add the R2 probe to the P1 mothership. Is this something the mod / the game can do? Or is it hardcoded? I’ve tried tinkering around by adding CLASS_NonCombat P1Probe to buildlist_P1Mothership.script but that does nothing.

It only works for ships that the race can already build. There are 4 race folders. Anything outside those folders is not buildable by that race.

I’ve looked it up. Actually, there are 5: r1 (kus), r2 (tai), p1 (tur), p2 (kad), p3 (ben), but I believe this isn’t what we’re here to talk about, right?

Yeah, I anticipated that. What I meant to do was to add a ship to p1 which originally belongs to r2. In this case, I attempted:

  1. to copy probe.shp, plus any of its corresponding .mex, .lod, .lif, .peo files one-to-one, i.e. whatever makes up this particular ship type in the r2 folder.
  2. to add the new probe to buildlist_P1Mothership.script under the CLASS_NonCombat category.

But from what I’ve observed, the new Probe doesn’t show up in the p1mothership build menu. So, clearly I must be doing something wrong… or the game implementation is really that limited.

EDIT: I’ve read the source code. Let me guess: it really is limited by hardcode.

My personal objective is to understand how far this mod (or the underlying code) can go before it stops working. I enjoy this mod a lot, as you can tell, but I still feel like it’s quite restrictive, especially in Skirmish / MP. For instance, with no tech unlocked, the p1mothership and p2mothership build menus will crash the game because there’s nothing available on the menu to build. I had to remove a few ship dependencies in researchdepend.script so that there’s something in the menu to see.

Do you, by any chance, have some experience doing something like this, @herbyguitar?

All these years and I never knew that all the BIG file creators for original HW1 have a size limit (subscript out of range).
This is frustrating as hell. No way to pack the TvsK MOD…
Does anyone else have any ideas?

Is it a BIG file spec limitation, or just the tools themselves?

I’m not sure. When I reduce the size of the BIG file by removing files from the folder it works fine. When I add more files, and it doesn’t matter what files, it errors.

I’m trying to finish the old T vs K MOD I started back in 2001. I took a 18 year hiatus. I’m replacing almost all the units and making a myriad of edits and changes. The big file will be larger than probably any BIG file created for this game. P1, P2, P3, R1, R2, ETG, BTG, NIS, CursorBitmaps, Derelicts, Feman, NIS, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, Traders, and more have changes and additions.

I can only get about 1/10th of the files into a Update BIG.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about BIG file creation and how it works.
WinBig is the tool I’m using. It seems to be one of the few that still work on modern equipment. I’ve even tried running through a virtual machine with XP but this produces the same error. That’s why I thought it was a size limit.

Found why the BIG file maker (WINBIG) didn’t want to make my BIG file. I had desktop.ini files in some folders. It didn’t like them :upside_down_face: