Homeworld Teamspeak 3 Server

We might as well create a new thread for this even though the invitation has been posted else where. :smirk:

We put up this Teamspeak server up mainly for the Homeworld community. It’s been a great place. It has definitely been a lot of fun and we hope to keep it going.

Everyone is free to join. Would love to get more games going. :rocket:


Binary Pioneer TS3 Server (Automatically take you there through Teamspeak.com. You need TS3 installed)


Server Address: BinaryPioneer.NOIP.ME or 1001.NOIP.ME

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Hey raynernycz, question, which version of teamspeak should I DL 1.4netplayers or gambled? As you can guess, it’s been awhile LOL.

I’ve downloaded teamspeak and need to know the location your on, like server info etc.

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Hey, Coldspyder = )

I love to help.

1.4netplayers or Gamed!ed are just download locations, you can choose either one.

If you are using Windows 7 - 64 Bit - Then click the Download button next to the Client 64-Bit 3.0.16

If you are using Windows 7 - 32 Bit - Then click the Download button next to the Client 32-Bit 3.0.16

Ahhhh good.

Under Connect, Address field, type BinaryPioneer.Noip.Me

Or you can click the link in the OP, and after some moments it will prompt you to open the link with the Teamspeak application. I would just type in the address field, it may be faster.

There is no password.

Im on there most days, as are a few others, Nice community! Especially when Omni hangs out of the window every hour.

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By the way, the above mentioned offer is for everyone.

So, in order to keep things lively, we are planning on doing Saturday Homeworld Events. All are welcome!

[size=22]***Homeworld All Day Saturdays!***[/size]


[size=16]Binary Pioneer TS3 Server Link[/size]

***SERVER ADDRESS:***[size=16]BinaryPioneer.Noip.Me[/size]

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つHW Saturday hype! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


Btw, the mobile app works great on iOS. Sometimes I jump on just to chat about HW.

What are you refering to?

the Steam chat app or the tspk app. Im on android , and it cost £1.69

TeamSpeak 3 by TeamSpeak Systems Inc

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I actually use the android app as well. Comes in handy!

Also on positive note, there was a lot of people on the TS server all through the weekend, especially the Friday past. We were able to get a lot of good games going!

It was enjoyable! = )

Saw a lot of great games going on this weekend! The chat lobby seems to be helping people communicate and people seem to be having a great time.

As it levels out over the next couple of weeks, please do remember to invite people to the server, guys!

Growing everyday due to dedicated homeworlders! Is that even a word? Well, if it isn’t then it is now!

Come check it out if you love the HW MP or are just looking to chill with like minded gamers!

Took the TS server down temporarily to do some simple maintenance and upgrades to the dedicated box.

Will be back up approximately EST 8PM.

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[size=18]***Going strong because of a great group of people!***[/size]

If people need a place to help test the balance mod or just play in general then feel free to stop by.

A lot of great people in there already. We are always looking to meet more! :grinning:

All are welcome to join!


WOot way to go Omni =)

It’s not me, it’s all of us, the community!