Homeworld-themed XBox One Controllers (Design Lab)

(Concordion2k) #1

I’ve been fiddling with the Xbox One Design Lab, and made a few Homeworld-inspired controllers!





(Hell_Diguner) #2
  • Hiigaran: This isn’t quite Hiigaran blue. Orange highlights would be good
  • Kushan: While orange isn’t terribly prevalent in the Kushan’s default color scheme, I like the way this controller looks
  • Taiidan: I’d switch the red and yellow parts, and use a little brighter red

I suppose that website doesn’t allow image screening? Something akin to the Halo 3 special edition controllers would look nice. (It’s hard to capture the thickness and extreme gloss of the plastic. They look fantastic in real life)

(Concordion2k) #3

It does not. Also, the color selection is rather limited - these colors were the closest I could get =[

(REARM V2) #4

I knew immediately you had to have a very limited color selecton when I looked at it.