Homeworld Timeline

Does anyone know of a Homeworld timeline? All the information needed would be in the manuals (and now on the internet), but has it ever been made into a timeline format?

Not that I’m aware of. There are some challenges to doing so, ambiguous dates. If I recall correctly the exile is dated at both 3000 and 4000 years ago in different places, though I don’t recall exactly where those places are off the top of my head. And then you have the kadeshi who claim to have been protecting the nebula for 13 generations, which doesn’t fit either number unless you make up a very unorthodox definition of generation. And generally, except for the spacing of the games themselves, there’s not very many events that are given dates, though you could string together a decent ordering of historical events on kharak I suppose.

It’s not known how long the journey was for the exiles. They could have been space bound (inert) for a very long time before they actually reached (established) the nebula (home). This group may very well have reached stability after the remaining exiles made planet fall. Also, it’s not known how long it took the Kadeshi to come to terms with and establish any kind of initial outpost or needle ship. The 13 generations that is mentioned may not have been an established starting point until much later.

I would love for there to be a campaign about the Kadeshi, how they evolved. Even a mini movie.

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What’s interesting about the Kadeshi is when the Kushan meet up with them and finally destroy all the inhibitors and are able to hyperspace out, it leaves the scenario more or less wide open. On the planet Karrak there were millions of inhabitants. A long time had passed since planet fall. They basically started over from scratch.

The Kadeshi on the other hand did not have the luxury of a planet fall and had to adapt to life in a vacuum. This would have made their struggle much more intense and treacherous. The harshness of their environment would have pushed their technology development much more rapidly. In the 13 generations, and even before they protected the gardens they would have expanded their territory very quickly. Conditions would have necessitated strict discipline and order. Kushan had it very rough but not near as intense as Kadeshi life. Expansion would ensure survival and their motto would be, fight or die.

Nebula are immense; an extremely large area compared to a planet or even an entire solar system. The 3 hyperspace inhibitors that the Kushan destroyed must have been protecting a very small part of their guarded empire. I would venture to say, if the Kushan would have delayed in their escape they would have witnessed a vast armada of remaining Kadeshi ships bearing down on them.

In this scenario the Kadeshi are very much alive and in control of the gardens. They number in the many millions and their empire is still viable and protected. This opens up an avenue for another story. A split in the race that can add new ships and technologies; new adventures and new ideas for expansion of the Homeworld story that have not been explored. A wide open field for development. After all… the Kadesh are exiles too. The same race as the Kushan.


There is no timeline for Homeworld, at least not an official one anyway. I am working on creating a timeline, using the data of the manuals to construct the sequence of events, as well as the events of the games themselves. It obviously won’t be perfect, because HW2 sort-of just retcons HW1 events for some reason, but here’s a link to the said timeline I’m making (still a WIP!): http://homeworld.wikia.com/wiki/User:SuperSajuuk/Timeline

I also included a reference for each bullet point. I’ve tried to go from “earliest known event” to “recently known event” in chronological order, as best as I can. As I say, it’s not complete yet and it’ll take some time for me to finish it! :smile:


Also, I always wondered how the Ghost Ship snared Kadeshi vessels. Either the Kadeshi did venture beyond the nebula, or the Ghost Ship went inside… Either way, it opens interesting possibilities.


I wanna know the history of that ship! Maybe something related to the Beast in Cata?

@SuperSajuuk here are a few timeline events that you don’t have yet, all with dates, all from the Cataclysm manual:

  • 0 AHL / 9510 GSY – Start of Taiidan Rebellion
  • 4 AHL / 6514 GSY – Imperialist attack on Hiigara & new Daiamid completed on Hiigara
  • 5 AHL / 9515 GSY – Taiidan Republic enters a period of stability
  • 6 AHL / 9516 GSY – Non-agression pact signed between Hiigara and Taiidan Republic
  • 9 AHL / 9519 GSY – Imperialist attack on Hiigara
  • 11 AHL / 9521 GSY – Imperialist attack on Hiigara & end of food rationing on Hiigara

@Dom2 I haven’t yet progressed towards adding the events of Cataclysm. I’m starting from the earliest known to most recent: that way, I can ensure I have everything that is claimed to have happened before the events of the first Homeworld (but again, HW2’s manual just does whatever it wants and screws with HW1’s lore lol). Once I’ve done that, I’ll progress to writing the events of HW1, then the post-HW1 / pre-Cata events etc.

I’d personally recommend a more condensed format. The blow-by-blow is unnecessary in my opinion, especially on a wiki where you can have a link to a relevant article. The games would be one to three bullet points each, rather than going through each mission event, for instance.

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@EatThePath The timeline is within my own personal user space and isn’t an actual wiki article. I’d prefer to do a blow-by-blow to create a timeline of events, so that there’s a reference for each and every known “event” (battles are technically events). I’ll probably condense it down after I’ve written down every event though. Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:

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There has to be a good way of presenting it where the global events are visible at a glance, but the detailed list is just a click away (like a tree menu)?


Or an interactive timeline? Where you can zoom out for large events and zoom in for the details and smaller events.

That would be nice, but such a thing would not be possible on a wiki. You’d need to develop a fully javascript based website with the timeline, or even an app for mobile devices.

Of course, someone is free to make an interactive timeline using the information collated on the timeline page I linked :smile:

Sorry guys, I’ve been really busy with real life, YouTube and another wiki. I can’t promise consistent updates to the timeline (which I suspect some are expecting), but I’ll update this thread when my reading week comes along (it’s basically a week holiday that we use to work on assignments, so I’ll use that time to also work on the timeline) =].

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No problem man.
It’s not as if we’re paying you. :slight_smile:


I would love for there to be a campaign about the Kadeshi, how they evolved. Even a mini movie.

Children of Kadesh

You’ll like to google for “timeline creator”, plenty of options:

  1. http://www.timerime.com/en/
  2. http://www.softschools.com/timelines/world_war_i/timeline_4/
  3. http://www.dipity.com/
  4. http://www.dipity.com/tatercakes/Internet_Memes/
  5. https://www.hstry.co/timelines/technology-in-the-age-of-exploration-63d79a1f-d7b9-4bd6-9f66-81c02cb7dc36
  6. http://www.meograph.com/timeline/
  7. http://www.timetoast.com/
  8. http://timeglider.com/?tab=free < ----
  9. https://www.preceden.com/

I would suggest to create +/- 4 timelines with major events, so we can test the sites for their capabilities and see if surprises appear.
Timeglider seemed to be the best one, but IDK if it’s free. There others for text only, in vertical presentation and etc.

I would also suggest to adopt timelines that accept multi-user entries and/or multi-layers (for canon and non-canon entries). A lot of ppl create something inside HW game universe.

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I would like to thank you a lot, since I too am creating a timeline for my personal scifi series over the course of roughly 7000 years of galactic history. Needless to say it gets complicated quite fast.

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