Homeworld universe mod will return and be reborn

I am currently homeless ATM and unable to nod my favorite game of all time but the time is coming soon where I will be able to mod again and will be bringing back the life that hwu deserves, it’s a good mod. The project began yrs ago and I would like to see it reborn. Which is why I am asking for help to make this project possible. My mental health and gaming addiction made me homeless so I am addressing the problem so I don’t fall back into the same vicious cycle of not caring about my life and the problems that arise. I am getting help for my mental health and it has helped. 23down and herocrafter I will need ur help and help and support from anyone that would like to revive the mod it isn’t dead yet and I’m not finished. I got a way to turn myself around, as for the mod all I need to do is base the mod off of a working mod like hwcrm or the conquest mod and it will rise again, I just need to know what to fix.