Homeworld universe remastered mod put on hold

I am sorry to announce that this mod will be put on hold for a period of
time until i am able to sort things out. We recently had a death in the
family, we had to put down our beloved cat bandit on march 17th 2015.
We tried to save him at first but didnt realize how far gone he really
was. We took him to the vet on monday 16th of mar in order to save him
when we noticed something was wrong but it was too late. The vet bill
for his one night stay was over 500 dollars and we had him put down the
next day because he only had a 25 percent chance of recovering, he wasnt
eating at all and that was because his liver was failing. He lived a
good long life, i had him most of my adult life since i was 15 yrs old,
he was always there for me when i needed him. I didnt want to reduce his
body to ashes, i wanted to bury him so we got in contact with a group
called paws to angels. The bill to bury him was over 600 bucks which i
payed half of and my dad covered the other. So i ended up using over
half of the money i had saved up for a PC rig that could handle HWRM so i
would be able to port over HWU to it. Those plans are now buried for a
few months. I cannot update the mod via steam cause my PC cannot handle
the tools that GBX released for classic and RM. My sister nicole and I
will be picking a spot to bury him over in Lincoln nebraska at a pet
cemetery. She will be paying for the headstone and picture we got picked
out for his grave site. We plan to have him buried on tuesday march


Im so sorry about your loss, Leviathan. Being the cat lover that I am and owner of 3, I couldn’t help but feel your grief.
My condolences to you and yours.:heart:

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I had to put my bulldog (Babie) down almost a year ago. She was 11 and aging very badly. She couldn’t hear and was going blind. She could barely walk anymore. My wife carved a head stone from sandstone and we buried her in the back yard. We live in a rural area. It still hurts and I still feel like I betrayed her. I know how you feel.

We didnt notice anything was wrong cause he was still acting like himself, he hid things all too well. Only reason i noticed something was basically one day i examined his body and noticed how thin he became. Was too late then the doctor said he would probably die in the surgery which they would have to insert a tube down his throat to get him to eat again as well as give him the meds he needed but he had 1/4 chance of making it. Nicole didnt want to see him with a tube in his throat so on tuesday i signed for the papers to end his life, so i feel like i murdered him myself.

I went with my cat to a vet about a month ago. It turned out she had viral leukemia and since we have three other cats, I decided to let her be put down right there. Of all the cats and people combined living in our house, we were the best friends there. She was born in our bathroom about eight years ago, she was my favourite cat, I was her favourite biped. Now she’s burried in the garden and the life goes on.

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Try to think of it as you doing him a favor. He would have just suffered had he continued on. Cats are masters at hiding injury and illness. Even if they act okay, they really dont feel ok. You gave him relief when you chose to end his life.
I know its hard to think that though. Took me years to be okay with letting my childhood cat I grew up with go.
Sounds like he had a long happy life to me though and thats what matters.

I’m sorry about your cat. I was upset when my favorite cat died while I was away at college. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

That said, I only spent about $500 for a new PC and it runs HWRM fine. So you don’t really need that much.

My condolences to you had to put down our dog Blue a month ago so I can understand how you feel.

Hoping everything turns out for the best. -Aliasofall

Sorry for your loss. Losing a long time friend is never easy. Don’t feel bad about your mod going on hiatus. HWR was just released, and will still be viable for modding long after you have a new pc. Do your best to recover and regain your footing.

I’m sorry for your loss. Some people may think it’s only a cat but when you have had a pet for so long it really is as close as family. Terrible.

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