Homeworld Universe Remastered starts moving forward

Fellow folks sorry for leaving ya all hanging like this took me a while before i could order the parts i needed to run HWRM due to real life events that happened this yr, mostly due to a death in the family. Anyways i finally got my address updated for my license as well as billing info from my bank so i could make the order i needed, and the parts thanks to Theworldsmith will be 20x better than this 10 yr old pc i have atm. So once i get my parts from newegg i will be moving HWU forward. Mind you being the mod with the most ships and subs gonna take a lot of work to get this done, over 500 ships and over 300 subs to deal with not to mention all the other files needed to run it. Anyways if anyone would like to help me out let me know.


Sorry for your loss.

Anything not visual I’ll help with as I don’t have any 3d editor.

No 3d editor? Try Blender? It’s free.

Just downloaded it

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Been making good progress this past week, and thanks to krnt for letting me build my mod on top of the one he started. So far managed to get the Progenitor, Beast, and somtaaw teams fully added in, however came across bad textures on the ships. Anyways screenshots of the good ones, and yes the mimics and mcvs do change into other ships.


Dude, nice work!

Remastered version of HWU has gone public on steam.


When you say “Remastered version” do you mean that the mod had undergone a graphical overhaul or that it’s compatible with HWR?

He means compatible because I played it before it came out and not all of the textures are Remastered.

But some are?

textures wont be redone because i dont have anyone that can do that.

You can do it.


Remastering 22 races with 10+ ships each is a big job, so it would take a Long time.However @Pouk , you are right . It is not like @LeviathansWrath couldn’t do it. :smiley:

There have been quite a few updates, with the addition of the Taiidan research station and Kushan scaffold. Just posting to keep this thread alive. :wink: