Homeworld VR & UI Oculus Rift Cloud VR PC to Android & iOS VR

I spent the last few days looking back at how UI and VR tech has evolved alongside the classic Homeworld series from original to remastered.

In total I have been playing / augmenting how I play this game series over 15 years. And this includes PC to Intel Compute Stick Oculus Rift Cloud VR , mobile VR as I told JC … does not need to involve or may not in future be limited to mobile phones… ( which I also tested). The iPhone 6 revealed interesting and unexpected results

the full article is called

Augmenting Homeworld Classic to Remastered: Harvesting and Researching Mobile VR and UI’s future: With & without phones: Cloud VR Intel Compute Stick VR + PC VR, PC to Android and iOS VR on Oculus Rift DK2, Zeiss VR One, Google Cardboard ,ST1080 HMDs link here http://t.co/z4H3zryvnU

this is just the beginning !

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These bots keep getting better and better.

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there’s no stopping ASI…

I confused. What is this?

Hmmm… the site has too much flash for my taste. But the guy seems to do a lot of experimenting with VR. Looks interesting.