Homeworld2 classic dock script help!

hi, guys.

I’d like to dock outside the ship. The ship is not fixed

In Complex mode, ex) Shuttle + juggernaught / mothership + command shipyard
I want to do it like this.

This is the script I wrote.

function Rule_Corvettes_StayDocked()
if SobGroup_Create(“corvette”) == 1 then
SobGroup_DockSobGroupAndStayDocked(“corvette”, “hgn_destroyer”)

In the game, The ‘stay docked’ command doesn’t work.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve already made a lot of modifications, but it’s not working out.


Do you mean you want to link two ships together?

That’s right. I’d like to.

@Nathanius did you do that in HW2C?

Latching doesn’t hold unless there’s no exit path at all I believe.

For the Galaxy and Prometheus separation scripts we swap out the ships once latch is complete

Isn’t there a script available in Complex Mode? I couldn’t find it.

I’m not sure about Complex but something else you could do is check for ships docked and show/hide meshes with a madstate command. I.e. fake it

I have to do the script, but I don’t know how.