Homing Grenades and Remenent targeting the player

Iv seen this a number of times now on Zane, Moze and Amara. For Moze and Zane it has been any any homing grenade that cant find another target. For Amara it has been Remanet when I am close to the target I over kill it will just come and pop on my character even when there are other enemies a bit farther away. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Certain enemies will knock back grenades but I’m uncertain about the remenant orbs with them.

This is usually hex grenades on my Zane when an enemy dies as my Drone launches a grenade. One of them will hover on my for a time. I’m pretty sure it is some sort of targeting error. I put a bug report in about an hour ago. Iv been trying to get screen shot/ video of the grenade doing this but it seem to be pretty random.


That’s tough to time too… I haven’t noticed, but I’ll keep an eye out. Did this start like yesterday, or had you noticed it before?

I’ve seen something similar with Moze. I suspected it was somehow related to the Freeze Tag mayhem modifier. The cryo orbs would attract my atlas grenades but when the orb disappears my grenades would then target me, or it seemed that way at least