Homing Grenades - Too Powerful?

Has anyone else noticed thT most, if not all, TPS battlegrounds, can be virtually entirely cleared out by the liberal application of Homing Grenades?

Yes, but you cant really aim them. the first storm front i got was homing, and it never decided to hug the sentinel. really annoying.

Bosses aside.

Take any given TPS map, especially with a Bomber Oz Kit, just chuck out a bunch of Homing Grenades, and let them do all the work!

I like homing grenades but they do suffer from bad target choices some days. Still not as bad as rubberized grenades, I truly hate those things!

I never keep rubberized grenades, ever. I don’t even look past the word. To the vendor it goes.

I was a longbow guy in BL2, but in TPS I’ve been sticking with homing. Mostly the Moxxi ones, or when I get lucky, a Quasar. I have yet to find a Stormfront.