Honest Question About Ambra and Galilea

I hardly see anyone play them anymore besides Galilea on story mode. My question is was Galilea and Ambra only played so much because they were OP or did their nerfs kill them off?

I stopped playing Gal because i mastered her and moved on to other people beyond that, im not sure, maybe people jumped to Alani cause shes new

Gal was super OP at release. People still play her quite a bit as far as I see in pvp. Ambra went through 3 massive nerfs which rendered her almost pointless. She is the worst support in the game in terms of supporting her team. Shes being worked on so I hear which is great news because she was my favorite character to play.

Ambra is still fun, but her effectiveness as a damaging support has been diminished at the same time a powerful, popular new DPS support has risen to prominence. She’s under renovation, basically. But she’s getting reworked and I have hopes for her glorious return.

Galilea is still around!

Ambra hasn’t been OP since the beta. I ditched her after the pointless ult nerf. She already didn’t have much going for her (poor healing, awful range, generally low damage), so I’m not really certain why GBX nerfed the biggest, most painfully obvious ult in the game.

As for Galilea, I thinkj that the nerfs have reinforced her playstyle as a defender, when previously she excelled at attacking, and people who played her heavily like an attacker are finding less success.

I play Galilea aggressively and it actually works well. She can cc chain like no other with that desecrate pull silence and slow followed by a shield stun

Ambra was nerfed to crap. Honestly unless they change how her staff heal drain functions she can never be good.