Honest question: Is the O.P.Q. bugged?

I asked because it’s way too overpowered for my level. Two bullets and it kills most mobs, including Elite enemies. Bosses, a short burst and they’re done.

I’m just not finding the weapon fun… So, I repeat my question, is that intended?

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cartel weapons and m6+ weapons are really powerful even in m10. so expect rebalancing in June 4 patch.


I hope so, cuz for me, I’m just not finding it fun. However, I hope it’s not nerfed into the ground. I may be a Jakob’s boy, but I want people who like this gun still feel satisfied with it.

Out of curiousity was the weapon farmed by you or given to you. Yes, it is a very overpowered weapon, hence the name, but if you farmed a M3 version of it and are playing on M3 it shouldn’t be quite that powerful. Now if you were using a M10 version given to you on a M3 playthough then yes, it would melt things like many weapons would.

Many people are complaining that the weapons are just so powerful they have overshadowed everything else. The cartel weapons will be self correcting after the next level increase as you wont be able to farm higher level versions of them. The M6 dedicated drops SHOULD be more powerful as you have to play M6 or better to even have a chance at them and the drop rate is horrible for them. Rarer weapons and harder to farm should be rewarded with more power.

Also gearbox is supposed to be adjusting the overperforming weapons as well as the underperforming to bring them a little more in line. We will just have to wait and see how well they accomplish this. :sunglasses:


hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa mayhem 10 is so easy guys i use my shield that is 99% invulnerable and can stay up all the time due to certain class mod that activates my kill skills just for shooting literally anything, i use opq yellowcake and shred mobs and bosses lol i only use 10 strongest guns and stupid strong annoints that do more damage than gun itself could ever dream of, get out of my wayyyyyyyy brrrrrrrrrr mayhem 10 is so easy please give me mayhem 20 so i can use mayhem 20 weapons and still shred and still complain, yee haw

it is sad indeed ma dudes.


Random drop from the Ultraviolet fight. I THINK he dropped it, like twice so far, but it was in the pile of obscene loot I get for killing him at 55 (With Fl4k) and 57 (Zane). And I got it on M1, and it’s WAY too powerful for that level. And yes, I am one of those people complaining, because among all the other weapons that drop, it’s the only one that’s way too power, the others seem OK.

OK, was just curious, I havent really played with the lower mayhem weapons so didn’t know it overpowered things that much on the lower levels. The difference in weapon damage from M0 to M10 is like +130% or so. So your OPQ from M1 might do 3500 damage while a M10 version might be doing 8500. The mobs increase in sponginess is up to 37500% so a mob at M1 might have 10000 hp/armor/shield while at M10 it would have 3,750,000 hp/armor/shield. At higher levels the more powerful weapons still take a bit more to down the mobs.

Personally I think that GBX intentionally put in OP weapons like the OPQ and Yellowcake for cartel drops so many people could get into M10 quickly. Once they are leveled out people will have to rethink those builds and work a bit harder to maintain their extravegant playstyles but, having played M10 they will hunger to keep at it.

Hopefully the patches will balance things out a bit for us.

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It’s cool. And if all the other weapons that dropped were equally obscene, I wouldn’t complain, I’d just pick a higher rank of Mayhem and try again, but it’s only the O.P.Q. System.

Now, I’m just repeating myself. Thanks for the replay. :slight_smile:

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There is a very simple solution to your conundrum … use a different weapon if you dont like the OPQ. Good news is; you have many options to choose from.

Fun story. I was playing through some mobs, thinking to myself that there was something wrong with my OPQ because it just wasn’t as OP as I remembered. Then I popped open my inventory and realised it wasn’t an OPQ - it was only a Carrier.

Only a Carrier…

Still worked pretty good!


LoL. Easy mistake to make.

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poor carrier, can we get an OPCarrier gun gbox?

at least it is popular on reddit


I love the carrier. My M8 version does really well on M6. Hope this one gets a healthy buff.

I lmao’d cuz thats true. Thats also me
I say that too. Cept the mayhem 20
But i also say zane is skill-less garbage, Because he just needs one class mod to be ok. Ive been wanting his shield to stop being invincible forever.

Well the OPQ kinda fixes that. Pretty easy to down yourself even with the barrier.

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I dont even use the thing i have all the versions of it. I literally play for fun with clone and transformer shield and watch him clear maps for me. Even at m10. It takes awhile but hes wolverine with it.

I purposely get shot with transformer shield for rocket ammo. I almost forget how much that thing killed me without it.

All Atlas rifles/weapons need the OPQ Treatment.

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Not bugged, just really good

I found a lvl 17 one from the ultraviolet mission. Im lvl 32 now and it still shreds.