Honest to god, how long does it take for a multiplayer game?

Well after spending 94$ in the past for this game on console… I bought it again (4$ at least) on PC :slight_smile:

Now, I’m not going to lie… I love to poke fun at Battleborn. It’s just too easy and I shouldn’t take pleasure on kicking someone while their already down. With that said, I do enjoy the game… to some extent. I don’t play it all that often, but when I do it’s a lot of fun.

So, I’m going to play it again on the PC. Now, on console it’s semi-easy to find a match. I wish there were numbers for console players like there is for the PC, but I’ve been told there is some life over on the consoles (PS4/Xbox One idk which is stronger)

The steam charts don’t lie, there aren’t a lot of players on the PC.

Now, don’t say it’s faster if you play with friends. I’m a solo player (real shut in lol) and I don’t really enjoy being in premades. So for a solo players point of view… how long does it take to find a game?

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I recently bought it on PC after playing on console too. Took me around 10 minutes to find my first match, west coast prime time.

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Every day depending on the time of day, about 1 minute.

I’m Steam/PC;

Story missions: Very difficult now, couldn’t even find anyone on the last Bliss event.

Bots: I’m in Tennessee but use Atlanta time, from 6AM it’s between 5-15 minutes.
That gets better once you are in, just hit the Bots match button quick to find the same peeps.

PvP: Sorry, I don’t. :smile:

Queue times depend. Sometimes I’ll find matches immediately back to back, with basically no wait time. Sometimes I just simply cannot find a match, period. Time, region and day will dictate how well you can find games. Trying to find a game in your region at 9am on a tuesday? Yeah, people probably won’t be playing. 8pm on a friday though? Prime time!

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Um… ok?

mp on pc is pretty much hopeless

bot battles is the only way to go, but even there they need to add bot partners because you can’t even find teammates for that

stories are equally hopeless and they are not very balanced around one player, especially the hard modes

need to rebalance the stories or add effective bot partners