Honest, Yet Bias Buff on Whisky

-Base Damage increase by 8%

  • Reload speed increase by 7%
    -base health increase by 10%

What do you guys think?

17% damage is way too much for base increase. He already shreds if you can land your crits.

Reload speed needs a bit of love, I agree with that. He reloads slow enough that it has cost me a few kills.

And health isn’t needed either. He has a mutation for health regeneration on a kill. Any kill. Which gives him a lot of sustainability. In addition he is a Ranged character. Giving him 20% health would put him in line with some of the more tanky MELEE characters (which have to run through fire to deal damage)

The only thing he could use is a shuffle with his helix so he can have a little bit more utility instead of having to choose between really good choices when there are some really useless choices.

I think they need to look at the gear he has to wear to make him viable by looking at the few players that do actually use him to effect in PvP and decide their adjustments from there.

I’m guessing it’s attack speed and recoil over attack damage and reload.

I’ve never been a huge fan of simple number buffs/nerfs. 1 or 2% tweaks here and there, sure. But piling on a broken character doesn’t fundamentally unbreak the character.

I’d rather see creative solutions.

Firstly, his animations need work. I could read the entire Harry Potter series in the time it takes to activate (and deactivate) full auto. Sticky nade isn’t much better, especially when launching 3. Speed those up so he can get back to shooting.

Also, I’d like to see his default switched with Killer Regen. He’s supposed to be this impossible-to-kill old soldier (in his backstory). Make him hard to kill.

You could add a Wound (healing blocker) somewhere in his kit. His shotgun is loaded with rusty old scrap junk. People gonna get infections and tetanus and such. Maybe even a poison DoT to go along with.

He needs better sights by default. Maybe Red Dot Sight, but without the movement and fire-rate buff from the helix. And remove the damage falloff with the ACOG.

Really though, more than anything, he needs an identity. What does he do better than anyone else? Why should anyone pick him (other than that Tea Ceremony taunt, ofc.) He can be a decent area denial or pusher in the very late stages of the game (and with high character level) with Mirv grenades, napalm, and swift stickies … except the napalm doesn’t do much damage and doesn’t stack, so people can run through it pretty easily, and by that point, minions aren’t of much concern.


17% of 32 will out him at 37.44

And has Health ay 1309

If he’s to be an Assassin then he needs more crowd control.

Sticky landing slow isn’t enough.

I definetly agree with this. If they do add more crowd control I say leave his health as is. Push back and sticky slow isn’t enough. Especially when both are hard as hell to land anyways

Health, don’t forget to add a constantly available 300 for the shield, bringing him up to 1609 for base health. Which is more than TOBY (labeled tank) and just shy of Boldur and Isaac. It is also more than other close range dps characters such as Phoebe, El Dragon, and Deande (also assassins).

And while bringing up the attack by 5.5 damage a bullet doesn’t seem much, it adds almost 100 damage per second. Now, if his passive is active the individual bullet damage (currently 39) jumps up to a whopping 47 damage a bullet. Which is another about another 60 damage a second.

So 240/300 Damage per second (base/passive). The base far exceeds all other characters at that point, and with the passive active, it almost hits Galilea’s broken range helix option which stacks that damage with her melee hit. Now, tell me that isn’t too much as most people feel as though the fact that the two stack is way too much damage too fast. Not to mention, you’re putting it on a RANGED character.

I think they should maybe speed up the time it takes him to actually use his skills too.

Fair arguement. But the fact that I use a 9.91% item to boost his damage and still isn’t enough says something. Maybe not 17% but some where in between would help him a ton

His animation is way too exaggerated for sure. But there’s much wrong with WF than just his animation

Its all about crits with whiskey. Once you get used to him and learn where the crit spots are on all enemies then he can shred away at heath. Boost his attack so when you crit you do more crit damage. then if you have an item that boost crit damage and give you and extra crit boost when you crit. Especially after you activate his passive and get am extra 25% damage. He doesn’t need a buff to his damage at all. His animations needs to be faster buy i still found a way to manage.

Once you unlock his legendary item it fixes his issues with reload speed and fire rate.

If they are switched you severely lack DPS.

“Once you unlock his legendary, …”

But to get his Legendary, I need his Legendary. :wink:

Killing OM 25 times is a tall order for a lot of us. I’ve used WF in 27 PvPs, about 18 of them had OM, I’ve netted zero kills and 4 assists on OM.

I still use WF to great affect in Incursion and he is a lot of fun in missions. I’ve gotten very good at sticking the bombs even on players.

Yes that 25 kill on OM is definitely hard, because no one escapes death better than OM. Which is ludicrous to me to see a 25 kill demand on OM. Due to how UP WF is

What i did to kill 25 OMs. I played pvp with a full team and let them know to not kill OM. I played only incursion on overgrowth cuz some OM like to go invisible and take out thw spider turret from the bunker so i just kept killing him like 6 time in a match.

And on time i got really lucky and a friend of mine was on the other team when i was at 20 OM kills.l, so i asked him to let me kill him 5 times. I know its lame but ■■■■ it

You got very lucky. I need 14 more kills. And a few hundred pushback and Melee

When you shoot the big crystals finish them with a melee. If you keep doin that you will get alot more melee kills than you think. They add up fast. But play incursion and you night find that ine OM who keeps wanting to back door the sentry

When I play as OM I usually give an enemy WF a few chances to kill me.

If they run, they get noob toobed and free tickets to the gun show.

After i master atticus imma work on mastering OM. Ill give away kills to WF cuz i knownthe struggle