Honestly regretting my purchase

perhaps this is just another phase i am going through that i went through in both the ctt and beta right at the beginning, but i am really not enjoying this so far. i know it is a team game, but literally seeing a rath, miko and orendi attached at the hip with an oscar mike just running around like it is team death match is getting really old fast. in every game i play competitively, i always enjoy finding 1v1s. there is no better measure of skill. every time i engage an objective or lane that requires immediate attention, my teammates are nowhere to be found and i am running into 3-4 players. which would typically mean that there is an entire lane that my teammates could be escorting countless minions into base, but they’re not.

miko is currently game breaking. he basically enables bad players to become nearly unkillable. i honestly do not know what to do at this point. i dont want to form up a premade team, because i feel like solo is the best way to become a skilled player. they nerf things, the wrong things, and leave other nonsense completely overlooked. and the whole map voting thing is horrendous. let me choose my map and then group me with people that want to play the same map. it isnt rocket science


Just give it time. Itll get better.

What is going to get better? The matchmaking system? It doesn’t have to.

Excuse my boldness, but I feel like the OP has never played a competitive game before. If he had, he would know that during the first days and the early ranks, it is difficult to find a proper group. That is why he changed his mind halfway through the Beta and the CTT. He just went up the rank and other people got better and as a whole, the OP was teammed with better players.

Also, everyone only has the same 5-6 heroes available to play. Which is why you’re seeing them. Don’t worry.

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Stop talking about other users. Now. He dosnt like the game. Dosnt warrant an attack on him personally.


It’s not an attack, it’s the objective interpretation of his post. However, I will edit the post to make it… I don’t know, better, I guess?

Give it a week, maybe. New characters and people figuring out how to counter everyones counter with a counter will make the game much faster and fun. :slight_smile:

The problem with this is that when you have more playlists you have less people in those playlists. That means longer matchmaking times, especially on less popular maps. Then you’d have to leave a playlist and enter a new one just to play a different map, which isn’t very efficient.

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OMG YES! IALL I WANTED TO DO WAS PLAY RENEGADE TO UNLOCK CALDARIUS! I don’t want to do it solo, but they FORCED my hand, and I LOST because the objective is too hard to complete single player and now I’m REALLY mad!

Plus the fact that I took all that time to unlock EVERY character in Beta, I’m a bit miffed that I have to suffer through Oscar Mike instead of playing my beloved Mellka or Deande.

Fix this PLEASE!

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That’s not a problem, they’ll send you out with 2 people lol. I’ll take two over one on a map that everyone wanted to ensure that people don’t drop out because they’re “sore losers”

I was under the impression that this was referring to PvP matches.
As far as PvE goes, I only play private matches. There are lots of threads where you can find people to play with, if you’re on PS4 you can add me and I’ll invite you to my community where you can meet lots of people to play with :slight_smile:

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Crimsonsurge, I’m mostly on in mornings, I may work out evenings though if I have to. MUST GET Caldarius unlocked TONIGHT! lol

Which you may actually be right tbh, I was assuming PvE because that is the struggle with PvE, they give you a stupid selection, everyone votes for different things, people get sore, drop out.

Have you ever played any other Moba like or objective based shooter? PEOPLE ALWAYS DO THIS. I mean really are you going to regret the game purchase? People do this is Paragon, in every Moba I’ve played, in every game I’ve played. Ridiculous.

people alot of issues will be fix if you join the dicord chat and find friends to group with.

i was on it last night made 3 new friends and we did great in pvp being able to communicate as we played.

did lose one match

I’m in Australia, GMT+8, I wont be on tonight but my mate will be over at 2:30pm and I’ll be playing from then on.
Add Slif_One and if you’re on I’ll help you out, I’m up to mission 5.

I played 80+ hours of the beta but I don’t actually have the game yet, so my mate brings it over lol. I’m moving so budget is tight :frowning: I want Deande unlocked tomorrow!

With all do respect, do you know the type of game this is intended to be?

Don’t get me wrong I’m new to mobas as I assume you are but if you are expecting 1v1s and think playing solo is the best way to build your skill I think you are going at this the wrong way.

Although it is full of unique characters like a fighting game this is not a fighting game. It isn’t balanced so that every character is balanced against the other. It’s the team that is balanced against the team.

You shouldn’t be going off on your own unless you have a specific purpose eg scout ahead, take out some bots, take a turret to clear a path. You should not be running around the stage looking for 1v1 duels like some kind of Ronin.

Let’s take Rath vs Benedict for example.

That’s a terrible match up for Rath 1v1. Benedict can use the environment and basically makes himself unreachable. As a Rath player you should probably just back off and wait for a better opportunity.

I’m right with ya man. I’m a fighting game player also but this ain’t a fighting game. You gotta let that perspective go and embrace the team.

Embrace the team friend.


That’ll make things a bit weird lol, but I’m sure it’ll cross somewhere!

That sucks! I plan on unlocking Deande with that code when they freakin cough it up lol.

I’m going to get her through story, I played a lot of PvE on advanced during the beta so it wont be a problem for my team to do, I just don’t have a lot of time between work and my partner. And not having the game of course lol. But I’ll have it by next week.

Gotcha, makes sense! I’m worried on any character that requires advanced mode lol. Glad that Deande was the only one I liked with that requirement lol.

So you think the true measure of skill in a MOBA/type game with team based roles is 1v1???

I think you may have missed the point, my friend…