Hook is love. Hook is life

Just wanted to say that the sprinting charged hook might be the best buff I’ve ever experienced is multiplayer game. Ever. With it, I don’t think any character can consistently out damage Attikus with Tenacity and attack speed. It’s so satisfying to have five charges, and make a fully shielded Benedict pop like a cherry, despite 50%+ HP left. God help an unaware Eldrid.

And when they try to run? Oh, what’s this? Tenacity is till on you and I have sprint gear? Goodbye HP, however high you may be.

Thank you, based gearbox.


Dang never thought about using Sprint hear on him till you mentioned it now lol, he’ll be a beast

You still want hella attack speed, but sprint gear really helps him out now. The hook is now one of the best openers in the game 1v1. Not to mention sprint gear assists in fleeing, given how pounce is slower, making him a deadly hit and run character even if he only is in the fray for 5 seconds (Hook, 5 charge arc, spread the love, pounce then run or pounce to run). I usually run attack speed on a sword, goggles and gloves, but I may give up the goggles (Crits are only ever super relevant/consistent via stun PvP, which we now lack) for sprinting gear that gives more speed when HP is below 50%.

You know how good it feels to kill someone with a hook after banking a corner? Very good.

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